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Do you think Musing Should Ban Abusive Slandering Users From Musing?
I notice some internet trolls attack slander & abuse people on here for no reason. There is of course no place for this kind of action nor these kinds of actors in here. Their abuse is only bad for the community. There is no way to block users from doing this however. Musing should have a BLOCK USER function to keep these evil abusers off your posts and comments. Do you think Musing should make a BLOCK USER function so you can protect the community from these abusers, or at the very least protect your posts from them?

Musing actually have some set of admins who are responsible for such activities like plagiarism and other irrelevant activities on the platform. The team discipline such people by refusing to upvote their posts on Musing for some certain period of time unless they plead and resolve everything on Discod channel.

I could remember a Steemian who was actually plagiarizing content online just to give answers including abusive posts, the team disciplined him by seizing their upvote from his posts such that he doesn't get upvoted for his posts no matter the quality. He later pleaded and promised to turn a new leaf before he could start receiving upvotes from Musing.

In conclusion, I won't recommend instant banning of users for their abuse on the platform, but it suggests the team should always call such users to warning for like 2 - 3 times before they could be ban automatically from the platform. There are still more things we need to achieve on Musing other than banning everyone on the platform. It's just a matter of time and we hope everything will get better and okay as time goes on. Always remember to contact the team on Discod channel if you have any problem or abuse on the platform and you will surely be answered by the team or active musing members.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I am not sure if you can block them. with the new hard fork there is going to be free down votes given with your normal votes and it won't cost you lost votes like before. I am hoping that they post articles so they can be down voted, but unfortunately most of them don't. You can report abusive behavior to steemcleaners and they will help you sort it out.

Musing does have rules and regulations in place and you can visit the discord channel for all the rules. People have been banned already for various types of behavior on here so it does happen.

Musing is the one site I know that takes this sort of thing seriously and will jump in and stop trolling and any bad behavior.If you find it happening on any Musing post just report them and it will be rectified quickly.

I will add the link for the Musing discord so if you come across anything you can highlight it to them. Discod channel via https://discord.gg/RPMjewK.