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When were you most satisfied in your work?

I get more satisfied with my work when the following happens:

1. I make new discoveries.

2. I learn a new related skill.

3. I surmount a challenging  situation.

4. I have a tangible value for time invested.

5. My trainee performs exceptionally great.


@Ashfia, In my opinion, when we do something out of the box and which come out as Solution then for sure that gives satisfaction when it comes to the work. Stay blessed. 🙂


Satisfaction in work is a dream and hope for all workers. Of course not everyone can feel satisfied with his work.

Today, more and more people have to bite their fingers and add themselves to doing work that they feel is far from satisfying, feeling as if they are forced to be satisfied and grateful rather than being unemployed.

Not surprisingly, even now more and more people feel trapped, not only not feeling satisfied at work, but also feeling so miserable at work and assuming this is a fact of life that cannot be forgotten. Even though it might seem impossible for the current generation to feel happy at any job, no matter how normal the job is, here are some tips that can help you to feel satisfied in whatever work today, perhaps, you are forced to live.

So related to the questions asked I will share a little of my experience about when I am most satisfied in my work, and how I feel most satisfied with my work.

The way to help feel satisfied in the work. this is the way that I have implemented so that I can feel satisfied in my work.

1. Focusing on processes, not results

Whatever we want, work with goals as goals in front of our eyes. But it should be noted that do not make this a reason to only focus on the final results of what we do. Because in reality, the end result is always out of our control. Invest our energy into the process, not the results. Accept the results later, whatever this is, as happy as we can. If it turns out that it does not meet our expectations, then make this a new starting point for ourselves. If we are not driven by things we cannot control, it will be easier to feel satisfied at work.

So we will get satisfaction when we can focus on working not on the results.

2. Realize that desire arises from within ourselves, not from our work

This is a truth that is most undeniable, desire is not in or on a job. Because truly desire is within ourselves. And, if we cannot light it in our present position, we will never find it anywhere outside ourselves. To feel satisfied in the work there must be a burning desire or passion, but desire cannot be found out there, desire can only be found and grown within ourselves.

3. Stop labeling events "badly" 

Trying to think positively when bad things happen can be a very tiring thing. This requires energy and will be able to cause tension which can actually lead to stress.

This small stress can accumulate every day and form a much greater stress caused by "bad things." Therefore, we must change and change our perspective. Suppose there is no "bad thing" that happens to us because we reject good and bad labels. We also no longer have to try to change things that happen to us to be positive. We will be more easily satisfied in the work if we do not have to face stress.