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How can i practice self-love?

 Well my answer might be complete different from what others might think. So to practice self love has nothing to do with putting your self first, or to buy things for yourself, or to ignore negative people , or going to church or trying to be happy!!
Self love has nothing to do with any above here, because everything above here will only feed your sense. While your sense are the tools of the body around the truth essence of what you are. What some call it the mind, the soul or the spirit and love is the magnetic invincible connection between two beings, or with someone and the land or with animals.
To practice self love begins with a quest to find your self within you, then learn how to feed it with the truth. So normally there is a connection with someone and that is then regular love, but with self love you have to maintain that connection with yourself, by feeding yourself the truth. And you must use your sense to guide it inwards.
Self love does not mean that you have to avoid people, or to avoid situations, or to feed your sense by doing nice things and have sweet dinner or drink something nice or to follow a group or religion. Because that will only backfire in a way, that you either follow what others want or that you will spoil your body and make it use of a way of living, what you did not do before....
So only the truth can feed your soul, like only the truth can make the love between a couple strong, will the lie will destroy the love between a couple. And there for it's needed to feed your soul with the truth, to practice self love.
Now you might wounder, then what is the truth than? To make it simple, the truth is just a feature of the objective reality. It can be a moment or something or anything. It's not this or that, it can latterly be anything and there for you must use your sense to find it!
Like when others tell you to believe in something, then you should find the truth about that something before you believe. Or when a man/woman wants to date with you, then you should figure out the truth about who that person really is before you make any move. Or when the media or someone say something has happened, then you should find evidence about it, to find out the truth before accepting it.
And you can go on about food, exercise or life style or anything really, because the truth is hidden in everything and if you want to practice self love, then you must find it.
BTW with this answer i also explain how to maintain the love between two people, that can only be done with the truth, because the truth will reveal what she likes, or wants to do, or how he/she wants to live and then combine that with what the other person want, and then you have a connection for live, what nobody can break! 


Practicing self-love is not that easy but I have been doing it recently . I pamper myself by going to salon every once in a while . Buy the things I wanted and the food that I like to eat .Concentrate with making yourself happy. Or go traveling by yourself .

Backpacking would be better . You can find your true self and of course you can enjoy relaxing after a long time of work . Do things that will make you excited and have a lot of adventures. I know you can practice self-love easily and naturally. :)


Putting yourself first because its okay to love yourself before anyone else.there is something about been real, being real to who you are and accepting things as they come and change. Always have to be your self, using your voice when you're afraid .about building enough courage when you feel like standing up to something always do what you feel is best for you, no matter what people say,only you know what you deserve. Self love is like a drug it makes you invincible. Time time to focus on yourself, to love yourself and remember to put yourself back together each and everytime you fall apart.


 If you need some help on where to start, here’s a list of 10 ways that you can love yourself more:

1.Say I love you to yourself! It might be weird at first, but try to do it everyday.

2.Forgive yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Learn the lesson, improve and move on.

3.Forgive others. Forgiving others is not for them, it’s for you. Lift that burden off yourself, free yourself from the suffering and hate that is living inside you. Let it go.

4.Take a break and pamper yourself. Life isn’t easy, so pamper yourself. You deserve it! We all need a break sometimes. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary so you are able to live your life to serve the people you love in the best way possible (And yes, mothers, I am especially talking to you!).

5.Take care of your health and well-being. Being connected and healthy in mind, body, soul and heart is vital.

6. Do that one thing you love to do. Run, draw, teach, fish, whatever it is, do it! Better yet, turn that passion of yours into your career. When you are living and breathing your passion, you come alive, you feel fulfilled!

7.Go to church/Practice your religion. Establish a strong connection with God, or whatever or whoever you believe in. Knowing you can place all your problems, worries, doubts and fears into His hands is an AMAZING feeling. You were not born to live with all of life’s crap by yourself, so get rid of it! You do not have to try to live life and deal with it all on your own.

8.Compliment yourself. Positive self-talk only! If you catch yourself saying something negative, immediately stop and say something positive. The two most powerful words you can say are I AM. It’s what you say after it that determines your reality.

9.Spend time with positive people. Think about how you feel when you are in the presence of another person. The people who love you should uplift you and bring a smile to your face. If they don’t, spend less time with them or re-consider having them apart of your life.

10.Set a goal. Setting a goal, creating action steps and achieving it, is a wonderful feeling and a sure way to make yourself feel proud, showing you believe in yourself, your dreams and your success in life. 


The most necessary factor to comprehend is that you simply have already got a relationship with yourself which this relationship is influencing all the relationships you have got with others. there's associate endless inner language at intervals you, and also the individuals you meet within the outside world merely fill the roles in this language.

The observe of self-love begins and ends with the conclusion that the manner you relate to yourself determines your level of happiness, whereas the manner others relate to you may solely matter the maximum amount because it matches this level. If you are doing not believe yourself to be warrant compassion, then it doesn't matter what proportion compassion others provide you with. If, on the opposite hand, you are doing believe yourself warrant compassion, then you may mechanically provides it to yourself, therefore then you may not got to have faith in others.

Most importantly of all, notice that your every day emotional expertise could be a reaction to however accurately you're meeting your own desires. you're the sole one United Nations agency is aware of specifically what styles of desires you have--the undiscovered abilities, the unhappy urges, the unspoken words. nobody else will see into these needs, and you can not have the positive emotions related to fulfilling them if you are doing not take responsibility for fulfilling them.

Finally, this may sound redundant, however you have got to really observe self-love to really perceive what it's all regarding. rather like you'd feel sensible when ingestion associate apple and terrible when ingestion a bag of nails, self-love is nourishment that may reward you, if you permit yourself to bite into it. begin wherever you're. begin by paying attention to yourself and disbursement time with yourself. Trust that love can build if you set within the time, effort, and curiousity


Depends on what you like.

For some, gentleness, patience, nurturing your mind, body, and soul.

For others, masterbation. 😈


Loving yourself is the basis for not needing other people (I don’t mean not wanting other people around you, I mean NEEDING). So when you love yourself, you don’t mind being without other people, because you have yourself.

Accept yourself, your past and your current situation. Nothing can change the past, but the future is yours.

How to start loving yourself? Try these steps: [http://coachesinthecity.com/en/21-different-things-to-do-to-love-yourself-more/](http://coachesinthecity.com/en/21-different-things-to-do-to-love-yourself-more/)


by knowing that you deserve the best for yourself...