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What is the most powerful way to stop self-doubt?

Self doubt means that you see weaknesses or flaws in you and for that reason, you lack confidence. Everyone has an element of self doubt in one aspect of their lives or another. No one has it all and no one is perfect. People could be taken aback by Several things.

Self doubt results in low self esteem. It makes us lose the interest to even give something a try.

Several years ago, I was still a teenager. I decided to join the choir in my local church. That way, I could participate in church activities. The first time I joined the choir, I was told to sing. I performed extremely poorly. Everyone laughed. That stuck in my head for a long time. I didn't quit but it affected me badly that I dared not open my mouth to sing outside the house. My uncle even said that I sounded like a baby goat bleating every time I sing. Some others said I sounded like a frog croaking. I had enough reasons to quit because my self doubt just increased. Instead, I kept developing my voice all the same. Spent a lot of hours watching musical videos, scoring songs, and improving on my voice. I kept talking to myself, that someday, I would lead this choir and do great. I kept seeing the pictures. Whenever I hear a thousand negative voices in my head, I scream that I can and I will. I kept creating and seeing the pictures of me leading the choir in my imagination.

It came to pass eventually after a few years. When I speak, people just love my voice. I'm not a professional Singer though but I led the choir for about three years.

There are however some things you can do to kick self doubt in the ass.

1. Realize that you are not alone on this. Like I stated earlier, everyone has some hiccups in one aspect or another. Every successful person once had doubt at some point but they just choose not to let that stop them.

2. Focus on your strength rather than your weakness. When you focus on your weakness, your flaws become amplified and magnified in your eyes. Rather than have that happen, focus on your strength. On the things that you can do best. Like I tell people, if we focus on doing what we know how to do beat and improve on it, then we will make it to the top pages of history.

3. Be positive. Let your mindset be that of plus and not a minus. A negative mind cannot give you a positive life. Yes you can. The only person stopping you from building self confidence is you. Make up your mind to rise. Whenever negative thoughts come to mind, nip them in the bud.

4. Build self confidence. The things that give you self doubt are false voices. Start learning how to drown those voices by building self confidence. It begins from the mind Kill self doubt by building confidence.

5. Reflect over tasks you performed with excellence in the past. This should give you the idea that you can always win if you're willing to put in the effort and do what it takes. Go for training if you have to. Don't remain a mediocre. Seek new ways of doing things in your field or profession.

6. Shun comparison. Often times,people who self doubt are stuck in the web of comparison. No two people are the same or gifted same way. Stop comparing yourself to others or wishing you were someone else. Even the people with whom you compare yourself also lack a thing or another that you may possess.

If your self doubt arises from your physique. Remember the words of Helen Keller., The greatest of all disabilities is not lack of sight but lack of vision. Some people are just beauty but no brains. Build on something else that could be a confidence booster for you.

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There’s a whole list of things that you can do to stop self doubt. One of the most important ones is: to love myself, and to accept myself the way I am. Self confidence is something you build brick by brick, but the mortar between those bricks is self-love. You can’t get the least bit of self confidence without self love, because if you don’t love yourself, you won’t accept the bricks that make up your self confidence. You need to believe in yourself, you need to love yourself, before anything else.

I’ve found some great tips to love yourself better, and improve your self confidence here: Coaches In The City - Self-love: 21 different things to do to love yourself more http://coachesinthecity.com/en/21-different-things-to-do-to-love-yourself-more/