What are the things a person should never start?

I would say that any person should always refrain from doing bad things. Initially people will have more resistance towards doing bad things or unethical activity that harms either themselves or others. But once they start doing it, they find no issues with that and they continue to do it without any hesitation. They will also become more curious to continue that activity. I can give few examples of things a person should never start or always refrain from doing.


Smoking is injurious to health. Some people know about that really well but they are highly addicted to it and they find it very difficult to come out of that habit. For some people it may not be very regular but they start smoking whey they drink and gradually when they get good company, they smoke a lot. In spite of knowing the fact that smoking is injurious to healthy, they find it really hard to get rid of smoking. 


Some people might argue saying that Drinking is not as bad as smoking. But it is not true. There have been so many extreme cases in India. They not only spoil their healthy but they also spoil the future of their family. In some families after drinking the person will misbehave with the family members. I have heard a lot about so many such families. This may be a different case in other countries. But drinking is really bad with respect to India. A person will be able to live with a dignity that he is a non drinker only until they maintain that. If they get to that habit even once, it will drag them again and again. They will have to experience so many embarrassing situations in their life. So this is one thing that a person should never start in their life.


Of course the consequences of gambling is self explanatory. Money can do anything to a human being. Only few people can escape from the trap of money. If you are someone who is living with a dignity that you are not a gambler, then I think it should be maintained throughout the life. The addiction that people get towards gambling is something that can ruin their life completely. I have seen people who waste all their hard earned money on gambling. Both continuous winning as well as continuous losing can create lots of addiction in people. If you start winning once, you will want to win again and again. It is not a guarantee that it will always be a win. You will even end up losing so many times. 

All the bad habits that we see can really be amusing but they have serious consequences. One may not realize the effect immediately, but when they plan to make a difference to their life, it can be kind of challenging for them to change. 

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they are lot of things in which we should never start. we should not even think of doing them because they can be offensives and illegal and this things can hinder the growth of someone or an individual. they are

1. smoking; smoking should not be started because it is very addictive and it damages the body system. smoking affects the lungs which could lead to early grave . so detest and never start smoking

2. doing drugs; usage of drugs have made many people filled with potentials to be useless and rendered unfit to live in the community. drugs are bad news for the world and we should have curb it out. drugs like cocaine and crack are examples. it makes the user life useless and leads to waste of talent and it is very addictive.

3. drinking alcohol;  taking alcohol is bad, it give bad mouth and body odour once u become a drunkard. taking alcohol makes you loose track of time and you spend the rest of the day suffering from hangovers. this leads to absolutely achieving nothing in a life time. 

4. lying; lying is bad and it not advisable to start it, because immediately you tell a lie , lets say a small lie, you will need a bigger lie to cover the small lie, and lies do not last forever and it wont win you good friends . so be always truthful and the truth will set you free

5. do not live a fake lifestyle; living a life in which you have to lie and manipulate people just to appear as something you are not wont make you go far in life and it will be very tough for you be helped or elevated in life because people will assume that you have already made it in life and wont wanna render you any assistance. 

6. gambling ; gambling is bad and should not even be started. gambling is addictive and you can lost more than you bargained for.  gambling could potentially make your life a living hell in which life will appear miserable to you and you may end up suing the rest of your life paying debt of things you did not even enjoy their services.    

7. in general, you should not start something you can not finish. always set your goals to always making sure that whenever you start something, you wanna achieve this and this at the completion of the project or work and never get distracted because starting something and not finishing it wont take you anywhere. the society or the world at large only recognize people who gets to the finish line , not people who stops on the road. 


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Enslavement : Its the most risky and disheartened thing to have. It might be in any way, regardless of whether its liquor, pornography, weed, drugs or a man. I have seen a portion of my companions going into it and destroying their life. Its equitable not make the monetary issues, it diminishes your psychological quality, confidence and above all your capacity to feel. Dont someone who is addicted yourself to a man likewise on the grounds that recollect forget Each and every connection other than guardians is for common advantages, its harsh truth of life. You acknowledge it or not but rather its actual. Every single individual is brief other than your folks. No one in this world appeal to God for their neighbor in sanctuary. 

Attempting to satisfy everybody : It may not resemble that hazardous but rather trust me its one the most noticeably bad thing individuals ought not begin. Dont simply continue attempting to fulfill everyone, dont continue attempting always to coordinate with society, companions, individuals' desires. It might be in any sense like going past a specific degree to satisfy your loved ones, just to show yourself cool and macho, attempting to swag around young ladies, or some other things. Trust me its pointless activity. Originallity is ideal. Don't always endeavor to fit in, you are not an extra wheel. You are living in your very own space, live to grasp yourself. 

Disregarding your folks: Never ever do it whatever the reason is, simply dont do it. In the event that you put stock in god, its the most sinfull activity. Not completing an occupation they needed you to do, not wedding the young lady they needed you to wed and every single other thing that may hurt your folks are excusable, yet keeping your folks alone isn't. Not supporting them in their seniority is sin, regardless of what the reason is and just you are liable for it. 

Dawdling : If you are the person who tarries a ton, man you have to surrender immediately. I used to do it, surrendered a large portion of it and cant let you know, how gainful I have moved toward becoming from that point forward. Its equitable not influence your vocation but rather it ruins mental qualities and joins crazy sum sluggishness in you. Every single effective individual you take is against the delaying.


 A person should never start with something what they can't finish or what is beyond there reach. Like creating a goal to have lunch on Jupiter before he dies, or to swim around the world in 80 days!

Or using violence to get what you are after, on the end you will master this skill and evolve into a full blown violence egocentric person!

Stealing, abusive and manipulate people, just don't or else you will master this skill and this live has no happy end!

Never kill, even if someone tries to kill you, then at least try to take him out in some way without killing him. The moment when you kill somebody for no matter what reasons, you will never forget that in your life, or you will find it easier to do it again!
Never use violence against your partner, because it will lead to the destruction of the love from your partner to you, and the violence will only get bigger and bigger.

Never believe information from people, unless you had seen facts what has proven their points.

Never think you can't do this or that, just think when you have difficult with a situation, that you don't understand it yet, and that you need more study to figure it out. Just don't see it like Chinese or mission impossible!

Never see a situation as a problem, start seeing situations as a challenge and you will master it sooner or later!

Never accept a lost, from every lost you can gain the knowledge of the mistakes you made, what you will win to improve your next try! That saying you can either be a winner or a loser in life, that's up to you!

Never doubt yourself, you are stronger than you think you are, just practice what will make you more confident about everything!

Never accept everything from a family member, some family member need your skills, money or good heart, and will use the family card to manipulate you. Do not fall for it, same blood don't mean same heart, some family members are damaged because of what they experience in life, and can do stupid actions toward others. 

And last it's not a problem to try to smoke, or to drink alcohol or to use some kind of drugs once a while, just never start to think that you can't be addicted to anything or else you will do those things more often, until your brains is demanding more from you and then you will be addicted! You just need to accept that our brains can be addicted to anything and it's up to you to find the right balance in your life, to make sure that none of these above creativities can harm you in any way. But you must never start to underestimate them! 


Ohoho well there's several list of it for saying.


Don't ever you dare to start smoking, it's bad, it's bad, and its bad. Even though I'm not among the smokers, I know it's bad thing to be a habit. And it's causing damage for so much area, start from your health, your finances, even your family. And it's really hard to stop for being a smoker. Like Thanos said "a hard choice requires a strongest will". Beside I still don't know what's a good benefit of smoking.


Nobody like if a person being lied to them, beside being a liar is bad, and it's being prohibited by religions and society. And for sure whoever get used to lie everyday. It'll become a habit for them. Lie is affecting so much thing's in your life, even from the health side. So be warn, and trying to be honest everytime, even when we know it's hard :)


This is the best friend of smoking ha-ha. And have the same effect, but less. And the quicken effect such drunk. And when you drunk you won't be able to control yourself and likely to commit other crime, such fighting, stealing, or a hard one like raping, or even starting riot. But the classic is driving while drunk.

Using Drug

This one is a seriously bad. Don't ever try this one. Got no use, and have bunch of destructive effect on whoever that adducted to it. And drug have so many forms. Marijuana, Ecstasy, cocaine, just named them. Please for your own good don't ever try this.

That's some of point I want to tell. But there's many more you can find.


Lying, I think that's the thing that you should never start in your life, especially with your partner, even though lying is absolutely not justified for anyone.

When you start lying, you will continue to lie to cover up lies before, this is like a very deadly cycle, imagined not how big a lie will be when calculated and continue to undermine the honesty that you have to make the first lie you do look perfect.

But believe that there is no eternal lie, every time you have done it, not at the beginning, it could be at the end, for sure the lie will smell too surely


A person should never:

Start lying

Start drinking

Start gambling

Start cheating their spouse

Start beating their kids

Start working for less than he/she is worth

Start taking drugs

Start believing politicians

Start considering money as wealth

Start a relationship without love

Start lying to himself...

These are the simple things that crossed to my mind on what a person should never start. Hope you will find my answer interesting and wish you a great day!


Hmm, this is a tricky question to answer and it may branch to a variety of topics, so I will just answer in a straight ago reward approach.

For me, I would start something that I can't pursue and accomplish. What I said is applicable to all major decisions in our life like a Degree, Business, Marriage and so on. And these are the things we can not aimlessly start since it might lead to regrets that are difficult to reverse.

Of course, some people would say how can we know if that decision in our life will be successful if we don't even begin? We'll, I never said "don't do", what I'm trying to say is "don't start until a person have enough reasons to pursue it". So that's it :)


There are many things which should never start in life to live happy and peaceful life. Lie is the first things. All bad things start from telling a lie. For hiding one lie you need to lie 100 times. But it's difficult to achieve. The other big factor is enjoy whatever you have in your life and don't compare yourself with other. Don't jealous. Jealousy only gives you grief and it doesn't make you happy. If you stop comparing yourself with other you will live happy and peaceful life.