What can be done to ensure that the steem price stops going down?

I jsut keep investing when I can and powering up. At least having it powered up allows me to make some income off of the stored steem power. It may not be much right now but it keeps compounding every day like a credit card but it is in my favor instead of paying someone else the intrest. 


Some of the best ways to achieve this is by

1)Keep investing in steem: One of the greatest reasons for the downfall of steem is that most investors withdraw huge amounts of steem from their wallet. The more we invest in steem, the more the high chance of steem price growing high.

2)Keep developing the steem blockchain : One of the best ways of achieving this is by engaging in daily activities on Steemit by creating content, commenting, upvoting others and supporting others in the steem community. The more our activities, the more chances of developing the blockchain and this regulates the steem price positively.

3)keep promoting steem: We have to keep doing anything we can just to make steem popular just like bitcoin. The more people know about steem, the more the chances of having more investors and the more the chances of developing the price.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


There is little that any one of us can do because the price of STEEM seems to be controlled by the general sentiment of the cryptocurrency market. All we can do is keep Steeming and powering up at least some of our rewards. We can do what we can to behave constructively on Steem. One thing each of us can do is find promising apps or projects that use Steem and delegate to them. 


Well, you can't ensure it. Nobody can. But we can do many thigns to work toward rising the price of Steem.

We need projects, a lot of members, a lot of participation. The more people use Steem, and the more Steem they use, the more Steem will rise in value. Steem is also very dependent on the price of Bitcoin.

The best thing you as an individual can do to increase the price of Steem is buy a lot of it and participate as much as you can in the community. The bigger the level of the participation, the bigger your contribution toward the increase in price of Steem.

Bigger participation activities include:

  • Becoming a witness
  • Developing a new service for Steem
  • Persuading an exchange to include Steem among their cryptocurrencies
  • Leading a promotional project about Steem in another community
  • Persuading governments and organisations to create SMT's for their own projects