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What is the easiest way to protect my credit-card?

There isn't quite a single secure way to protect your credit card. You need to follow a few guidelines to protect it, most of which makes perfectly good sense. The credit card number as well as the CVC number on the back of the card needs to be obtained in almost all cases for someone to make use of your card. Make sure to not leave the card unattended where someone might take a photo of, or note down these details. Make sure you've signed your card on the back too if someone steals the card and swipes it for transactions. Many banks will offer an extra layer of security where they will notify the owner of the card, before large transactions are made and do a security check, so be sure to call your bank and inquire if you can activate such a service. Also be wary of websites that you're not familiar with, and do some quick research on the site before inputting your details.