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What could be done on the STEEM platform to make it more accessible for the disabled?

The immediate idea that comes to mind in order help disabled people on steem platform  and the variety of things that could be done are

- Text Listening tool -  a tool that enables you to listen to text will be helpful for people who are visually impaired. We can have an App created and have options wherein the App is fully functional based on voice - it reads content for you based on the what you say.

- Writing tool - similar to the listening tool - we have a system in place which allows people who are disabled and not able to write for them their voice acts as an input to the system and system writes the content.

- Easy of Use - this is definitely going to be a challenge but we need to make an interface which helps the disabled to easily access the system without compromising on the security. So what I'm trying to say here we would create a new App - where people who are disabled have the easy to access the steem application at ease and will give them the flexibility to work on the system in a very easy manner - which is voice/text based.