In one word, how do you describe your Steemit experience?
For me, it's "Stellar"

It has been a great experience since I started in Steemit, an unparalleled personal growth full of many emotions, it was never in my plans to meet so many great people and at the same time learn from them. I always describe Steemit "as a great ocean and once you start swimming in it, you should not stop because you can drown." I see Steemit as a source of personal growth, fun and achieving a true human approach, all thanks to the interactions we do inside and outside Steemit, is it incredible right? Since my beginnings I have tried to do everything in the best way possible (sometimes with mistakes), each time learning and improving one step at a time, showing that we can become true beings of transformation. Really Steemit is a place where many things can happen, stumble, fall, mistake, succeed ... But remember that everything here is framed on a great personal and social growth in the digital age, every day we are closer and every day we grow more, not we turn off, keep that living flame of our soul. Let's achieve that human encounter that we need so much.


I would be honest, Steemit is like "ROLLERCOASTER". Being a user for about 16 months, I witnessed a lot, I experienced a lot. Both are ups and downs. There are a lot of positive things which happened on Steemit, though there are negative ones. I became friends to some which some of them, I unfriended. I saw the real attitude of those so-called friends in the name of money, and I refused to be surrounded by them anymore. I also witnessed the ups and downs of Steemit. Time came when there had been huge support, and then others trash talk about the platform. Many people joined, and many of them left. But the great things which happened here on Steemit are the dapps which includes Musing. I am glad I found about this platform which is one of the revolutionary dapps on Steem Blockchain.


Musing! XD

And yeah part of the reason is because I spend most of my time on this platform XD and the other half is because of what that word really means.

Musing is a word used to describe something that's reflective or thoughtful or a thought or comment that you have been thinking about carefully for a while

Source: Google Search Results

Even before I stumbled upon Steem, I was already looking for a platform where I can freely express my thoughts, opinions about anything. If you take a quick look at my blog posts it's mostly just me sharing my un-asked thoughts, opinions in there! A little bit of my passion and interests too. XD

So yeah I think I can sum up my Steem Experience in one word and that is Musing! Me just being reflective and thinking about things for a whole year now. XD






My life and my soul