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In your opinion, how to establish a peaceful relationship in this life?
I am confused, why is there a lot of bloodshed in this world. I mean why humans on this earth do not unite and peace in living life.

We all want to live in peace, and we must realize that peace in life will only be created when everyone has the attitude and awareness to respect each other.

Diversity among humans must be tied to a sense of humanity, so that a peaceful and harmonious life can be created. When we are unable to maintain the bonds of brotherhood, prioritizing our selfishness, the seeds of division will grow and threaten peace between us.

Basically, everyone, from any group, definitely wants a peaceful life. Because, peace has become the ideal of humanity. Everyone hopes to establish good relations with others, live calmly and peacefully, and be able to meet a bright future with hope.

No one of us dreams of living in an atmosphere of conflict, full of violence, tension, let alone occupation or war that removes human values.

The instinct to live peacefully should be more than enough to move us to always maintain the bond of brotherhood with others. The need for peace, should make us aware that we are able to put aside our selfishness and attitudes that can spark conflict or conflict with others.

When in the community there is a phenomenon of conflict, insulting each other and attacking each other, which is based on anything, as humans we have a shared responsibility to be able to mediate and reduce so that endless conflicts and divisions arise.

When people who initially live in peace and quiet in diversity, then there is a dispute, attacking each other, questioning each other differences, at that time we must be moved to fight to maintain peace.

This spirit of struggle to maintain peace can be said as a form of humanitarian struggle. Namely the struggle to care for human values, the values ​​of peace, the values ​​of brotherhood and the love of fellow humans. On the contrary, humanitarian struggle means the struggle against all forms of anti-humanitarian actions; such as violence, injustice, discrimination, etc.

Unity and unity become the main capital that is always upheld so that peace can be realized in our lives.

Tolerance is very important to shape people's lives so that life becomes peaceful and peaceful, even in diversity.

I am tips or ways to build a peaceful life between humans and religious people. thanks


To create a peaceful relationship isn't all that easy because sometimes you would try to be peaceful and the other person will be bent on passing you off. Thoughit's good that we put in effort to live peaceably with others. Some very good ways we can do this are;

1. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2. Respect others.

3. Be tolerant of the excesses of others.

4. Don't shove your opinions on the throat of others. Also be open enough to listen to what they have to say.

5. Be kind, generous and considerate.

6. Know when to back out of a matter before it gets out of hand.

7. Don't think with your ego or emotion, always think with your heart

8. Learn to put yourself in the shoes of others sometimes before judging them.

9. Understand that nobody is perfect and everyone is prone to making mistakes; you inclusive.

10. Be open enough to forgive and let go every hurt done to you.


Establishing a peaceful relationship with others requires effort. Besides nothing good comes easy, thus you must be ready to do the work if you want to enjoy a peaceful relationship


Good question..

First we need in a relationship belive. If in relationshship we fully belive each other we will not doubt each other then we can get one peacfull life.We know in every relationship belive so important matter.For doubt some relation break soon. Then some people regret for this. Also have a many things that we need to do in relation ship.We need to understand both feelings.Thats so important. In our recent some are so stupid who don't have knowledge about pure relation ship they just do relation and make fun when they don't want leave.But for one good heart people who love from pure heart I will say try to belive your partner and try to understand feeling then all will be ok.This for all relation in our life not for just couple.



To establish a peaceful relationship you must:

- Learn not to take things as a personal affront.

- live without thinking that other people want to take advantage and not try to take advantage of others.

- accept that people can make mistakes, that your

  You can also commit them and that does not make them bad people.

- Surround yourself with people who also seek peace.


Living in peace means living in harmony with yourself, others, and all beings in the universe. Although everyone is free to interpret and realize peace in accordance with their respective beliefs and traditions, there are some basic things that apply universally, namely rejecting violence, being tolerant, having a wise outlook, and upholding a dignified life. This article explains how to create peace, but only you are the only person responsible for the journey and way of life that leads you to a peaceful life.

1.Know that peace involves external and internal aspects. Even though it is difficult to define, the meaning of the simplest peace is life that is free from violence (physical, mental, spiritual, or in other aspects of life), mutual respect, and upholding tolerance experienced internally and manifest in real life.

2.Grow the ability to love unconditionally, instead of wanting to control others. The first and foremost step to experiencing a peaceful life is to eliminate the desire to control others and the consequences that will occur. One way to control other people is to impose desires and demand that others understand you. Even if you have good intentions, this makes other people feel controlled and creates imbalances that trigger anger, hurt, and disappointment. Controlling others makes you often experience conflict. Before expecting change, try to understand others, accept differences by being tolerant, being persuasive, and showing inspiring leadership to establish good relations, rather than trying to control others. However, don't be a person who is always underestimated, easily influenced, or utilized.

3.Consider your beliefs carefully. The habit of thinking absolute and maintaining certain beliefs without trying to understand the considerations and perspectives of others makes you not feel peaceful. Extremists who have this mindset tend to be reactive, impulsive, and easily influenced because they are unable to reflect and think consciously. Although absolute beliefs make you feel comfortable, this prevents you from seeing the reality of life and tends to cause conflict if other people oppose your beliefs. Even though it's difficult, open your horizons and try to review your understanding to develop yourself and enjoy a harmonious life with others.

4.Be tolerant. Your daily life and the people around you will be different if you behave and behave tolerantly to others. Tolerance means respecting diversity, accepting plurality in modern society, and allowing others to determine their own way of life. The inability to tolerate the beliefs, existence, and opinions of others will lead to discrimination, oppression, dehumanization, and acts of violence. You must be tolerant in order to enjoy peace.

5.Be a peaceful person. Gandhi advised: "There are many reasons that I prepare myself for death, but I have no reason to kill." A peaceful person never commits violence to other people and living things. Because the world is full of violence, don't choose a philosophy that supports the way you live your life by killing other creatures.

6.Do reflection. Reflecting is one way of controlling the mind. Impulsive responses often have tragic consequences because the culprit does not have time to consider all aspects and perspectives. Sometimes, we do have to act immediately to save ourselves, but these reasons cannot be used in every situation because often, it will be much better if we respond with full awareness and careful consideration.

7.Learn to forgive, don't hold grudges. What is the point of taking revenge? If we want to learn from history, revenge only brings useless, prolonged suffering. Remember that as fellow humans, we all have ambitions and dream of a happy life with family. Differences in culture, religion, and political views should not trigger conflicts that lead to sadness and destruction. The desire to hurt others or take revenge because they feel disadvantaged or treated arbitrarily only triggers anger, violence, and suffering. Replace the desire with a willingness to forgive so you can enjoy a peaceful life.

Thank you.