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Why do our skin age?

As age advances, our skin suffers a series of alterations: the loss of smoothness, firmness, hydration and luminosity begins, and wrinkles appear, a concern in most human beings, especially in women.

It is a very complex process that damages the skin in which different factors interfere: intrinsic (related to the natural process caused by genetic, vascular, metabolic and hormonal changes, such as when the woman enters menopause) or extrinsic (linked to the environment, mainly sun, poor hygiene, lack of sleep, tobacco, alcohol). When the skin ages, the production of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) decreases, which is a key element for the maintenance of the dermal density and, therefore, the firmness of the skin and accelerates dehydration.

Wrinkles are the most tangible manifestation of skin aging and have to do with deterioration, a lack of structure, not only at the superficial and epidermal level, but also at the connective tissue level; the functionality of the cells is lost, they make less fibers and intercellular substances and the skin is "depressed".

The dermatologist explained that there are three types of wrinkles:

1. Deep wrinkles: they are longer and wider, usually caused by excessive sun exposure without protection; the grooves are vertical and are located on the cheeks and chin, can also be considered crow's feet and eyebrows.

2. Wrinkles of expression: are formed by the continuous movements that come to mark the skin that gradually loses its tone, such as the corners and around the lips.

3. Surface wrinkles: they are thin and long, they are formed in the epidermis and are due to low cell turnover, lack of nutrients and dehydration. They are especially appreciated on the cheeks and neck.

To delay the appearance of these signs of aging it is important to take care of the skin every day and, although some wrinkles are already marked and visible, the face can look splendid, taking care of the correct care.

Finally, we can take to delay and prevent skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles, while indicating what are the appropriate treatments to reduce them, once they appear.


You know, Almost everything in existence is subject to time. And growth is part of aging. And living things are usually bound to experience depletion and exhaustion after a while upon the completion of their lifespan.

Even though there are many factors that play a huge role in the aspect of our skin aging process, without these factors the skin is likely to not age.

Anyway a clear explanation is that our skin age due to these factors.

Some of these factors are controllable to some extent. While some factors are just natural and unavoidable. And some other factors although do not affect skin aging directly, they are just there to assist or speed up the rate of the factors affecting skin ageing.

Factors such as; genetics (skin types, skin condition and), extreme climate(sunlight), temperature, and hormonal changes, are unavoidable pieces that influence skin ageing.

Factors such as; nutrition and lifestyle (sleep, smoking, stress, and exercise), can be controlled to our benefits instead of a detrimental situation.

And factors such as; care of the skin (such as aggressive skin care products or washing too frequently), exposure to certain chemicals, using certain medicines or undergoing certain medical procedures are those that may interfere skin ageing.


skin is an organism is a living thing. so of course it would be expected for it to get old on the long run and during the process then the skin begins to lose elasticity which is a factor that affects the tightness of a skin,and then make the skin to become loose..


Skin is a living part of your body and with time like everything else age.  This makes older peoples skin wrinkle and some sag.  This is part of the effects of the epidermis getting thinner This creates wrinkles and makes the skin sag making wrinkles.Someone who spends more time in the sun will actually look older than they actually are. So much for these beautiful ladies topping up their tans.

That is why ladies in particular like to put moisture back into their skin through various creams and such. It helps keep the skin firm and moist so it hides the ageing effect. Some males do it as well but my age group kind of frowns upon that sort of thing.


Our cellular structures are not designed to reproduce themselves forever. The cells slowly break down, and you witness what we perceive as aging.

Gravity plays a "heavy" role in the aging process as well.