Do you still read books in hard copies?

Yes I do.

I prefer reading from hardcopy than softcopy just that i can't afford hardcopy most times. I am still in school so I read notes and printouts.

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Sure, I prefer the hard copies than soft copies.. I always sleep off each time I try reading a soft copy of a book and I also don't like spending much time on my pc..

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Nope. Not anymore. I still love to do so only if I have the time. Usually I just read stuff online. Even ebooks aren't effective for me when it comes to reading. I just browse articles online and watch videos. That's the extent of all the things I read and see these days. Lol.


Oh this question is so awesome! I think I have a great story/perspective regarding it.

See most of my life I read only ebooks. All the classical books I've read I downloaded online, but not because I love to read ebook or hate hard copeis, oh no. Quite the contrary in fact.

I loved hardcover and ebooks hurt my face. But I read so much ebooks simply because of one reason: Project Gutenberg.

Project Gutenberg is this initiative that makes books available for FREE. Mostly classics. Which is super cool considering the fact that I love classics and I don't have money. Plus they're really scarce to get around here.

So do i still read books in hard copies? The answer is no, but not because of technology or amazon kindle or that the times are changing. No. But that soft copies are relatively cheaper and freely available.

Also I should say, if I had the opportunity to choose between hard copies and softwares, I'd definitely choose hard copies for the sake of my eyes.

Cheers and have a nice day!


Sure, I do. I still prefer reading the traditional hardback to PDFs. And I believe that most people still prefer the traditional book because it is more physical and conventional.

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Sure I really do,infact I have lots of them in my book shelf and I ensure I buy at least one book a month,not like I can't read and e-book but I prefer a hard copy where i could highlight some important points for future referencing, I also read longer too using a hard copy that soft copy which I could easily sleep off reading especially at nights.



Although it's pretty rare this days. I spend more time with my laptop and smartphone

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On occasion, but I am usually reading from a tablet.  While I will occasionally buy a used book if a digital version is unavailable or hard to find, the vast majority of my library is either kindle or in epub format.  

Moving is so much easier, but most importantly, I don't have to worry about my books being lost or damaged given backups are so easy to make.  I have had two separate instances where a large number of my books (dozens in one case, about a hundred in another) suffered water damage and had to be thrown out.


Yes I still do read hard copies. In fact my preferred way of reading is a paperback or a hardcover book.

There  is another fact that I think would be pertinent to mention because feel  that some people might relate to it. Even though I prefer paper books  but I have read more eBooks than paper books. The reason being that I am  an avid reader and I find it difficult to store so my paper books. That  being said, if I am given a chance then I am going to go for a paper  book.