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What is the most popular brand of car in your country? Why do you think so?

Mercedes Benz and Camry has the population. Though they are expensive but people still drives them


Hello sir the most popular car in my country Aceh, Lhokseumawe is fortune. The rich people from government uses this car. The normal people usually use avanza because it is very cheap car and saving the energy.

Another one is agya and cayla these one are so cheap car that normal people usually buy it


Toyota! It's topping the charts here. It's on top because of a number of reasons.

It's affordable, it's durable, the fuel efficiency is good.


Choosing a car to buy is a very important decision as they are very expensive and Cost a fortune. People in my Country prefer a could be less expensive, More convenient and which requires less Gas compared to the other. Honda is the most popular brand of car in my country as it offers Luxury at a less price, Less management cost and Less gas requirement. Buying a car costs a fortune therefore you should take the decision of buying a car after a lot of Analysis.

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Yes, indeed the car is one of the most popular vehicles among our community. Many types of cars have certain uses and functions such as for family needs and some are intended for business purposes.

The most popular car brand in my country is HONDA.

Honda is one of the automotive companies from Japan. The company which was founded on September 24, 1948 with its founder Soichiro Honda, the company was able to achieve success by becoming one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world since 1959. Honda Motor Company is also a producer of Japanese cars, trucks, motorbikes and scooters. In addition, Honda also produces electric generators, marine engines, all-terrain vehicles and garden equipment.

In my country the products of Honda that are in great demand by the public are motorized products, but for cars produced by Honda it is also able to grab the attention of car users. Especially for the types of Honda Jazz and Honda Brio cars that have recently become excellent among young people and parents alike. Meanwhile, we can know if the product from Honda is famous for the toughness of the engine sector and the design of a luxurious and sporty car. So it's not wrong if Honda's products become one of the most popular brands in my country.


According to my local Statista data:

The most bought car in Malaysia seems to be "Perodua", a national car brand.

My guess is that the cheap price and promised fuel efficiency made Malaysia favor the Perodua Axia over other cars.

Second in line is Honda, the Japanese Car Brand. I think it's the go-to non-national car for those looking to buy the latest models. Especially the Honda City.

So you have the most popular Local car and Most popular Japanese Car. Both seems to share the same feature of being fuel efficient. These two brands out-popular other brands by a long shot. Perhaps that speaks something about Malaysian's and saving as much fuel as they can.

Source: Statisca.com and personal observation


Popularity of the car depends upon the price, climatic conditions and surroundings. We are the country of four season. People are divided into different classes like filthy rich, rich, middle class. Many people in our part of the world can't afford the car. Majority of our population live in villages where road infrastructure is not great. So, choice of people varies from place to place. People of lower middle class love to buy Suzuki Brand. Suzuki brand car and spare parts are pretty cheap. So the demand of the cars are high. In upper middle class community Honda & toyota brand is most popular according to the environment. Mostly urban people love to have Honda brand car. Honda provide you little bit luxury. Whereas the people who live in village where roads are not so great people love to buy Toyota brands. Toyota cars are consider to be strong as compared with honda Brands. Rich Filthy people use mercedes or AUDI


In my country Nigeria, the lost popular brand of car is Toyota. The company makes a couple of cars that combine beauty with strength, making them so suitable to ply Nigerian roads. Government offices use Toyota vehicles like Highlander, Prado, Corolla and Camry for managerial or official assignments, Toyota Hillux for project supervision and so on, Toyota Hiace (bus) for conveying more people, and so on.

Toyota thrives in Nigeria also because the spare parts of most of the vehicles are readily available for purchase by any intending buyer and many mechanics know the basic principles of operation of the brand

Other popular brands of cars in Nigeria are Honda, Mazda, Peugeot, Mercedes Benz, and the biggest boys use Ford, which is arguably one of the strongest, fastest, and most expensive to maintain.


In my country, the Toyota brand is a 4-wheeled vehicle that is very popular with vehicle users. However, for some regions (Provinces) Toyota became the number 2 brand after the Honda brand, for example in the South Kalimantan province.

So, in general, the Toyota brand is number one. As reported by KOMPAS media:

  1. Toyota 175.550 
  2. Honda 109.662 
  3. Daihatsu 89.510 
  4. Mitsubishi 50.996 
  5. Suzuki 49.683 
  6. Datsun 18.766 
  7. Hino 10.122 
  8. Nissan 8.148 
  9. Isuzu 8.064 
  10. Mazda 3.184
  11. Mercedes-Benz 1.935 
  12. BMW 1.129 
  13. Chevrolet 1.220 
  14. UD Trucks 791 
  15. KIA 711