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Which is a better investment?Cryptocurrency or real estate?

I think it really depends on how much cash you have in hand right now and what your intentions are of these two investments. From my view, it's better to have both if you could. If you already own a home, and this is your investment home, then it could be worth a shot if you have that extra cash.

Bear in mind a few risk associated with owning your own property that is used for renting or in the future for capital gains. The tax on capital gain has to be calculated and then the lock up money that you could have used to invest in other things which would for the time you have to pay for the property be used to earn some percentage of cash. Then there is the tenancy problem which usually is a problem and I know people who usually have faced this especially those tenants who do not protect the home and the home ends up with bad repairs that would cost a lot and selling of property is not something that is easy especially now, the global market is overheating and may take a while for cooling. 

Cryptos are a good investment if you have the extra cash to put into it. At the moment cryptos are at its all time lows and for me, I would be investing anything in the top ten and also steem because steem is where I make lots of my income so I need to take care of the steem network in order for the boat to stay afloat. I have invested a portion of my steem into steem power which I think is important. I am sure that the next gold rush is coming and it's a matter of time but then there will be a dip ahead of a gold rush. If imagine you invested about a few days ago in the panic Eos. I think you have gained approximately 20 percent. I am currently putting some of my investment into litecoin and those that I want to own a whole piece. BTC still needs many fragments to have to own the whole thing. 

I guess, investing is risky if you don't understand what your doing but it's worth while rather than putting your cash to sleep or spend it with no returns. A dollar worth today is more valuable than a dollar tommorrow. 


As I am still deeply sceptic about cryptocurrency I would always say real estate, If I would be an investor I would invest only a small part in crypto and the rest in other assets like real estate, stocks, bonds, fonds,, etc. But that is only my humble opinion and no advice. Try to learn more about different assets and investment in order to make an educated choice :)


I think real estate is better than cryptocurrency because of the very cryptocurrency price. You cannot expect 100% and save your economy on cryptocurrency. You should invest in cryptocurrency with your money that you no longer expect the money to return

Real estate is the best investment now because the selling value continues to grow every year. So if you have a lot of money, invest in real estate first and then on cryptocurrency