Do you think every people should have a social media account?Why?

No, I don't believe every person should have a social media account. However, there's a common believe that these social media sites are trendy and if you are not on them, you don't exist. It's a must (if I can say that) among the younger generation because they love to share various events and post selfies. That's very trendy nowadays and somehow understandable, not that I agree with it. 

The older generation was brought up without it and many of them don't need it, don't use it, which is also fine. 


No not at all. I don't think every person should have a social media account because not all are matured or let Me say not all are ready for a social media account.

To own a social media, there is a need for a high level of maturity and not all are matured.

Social media involved a lot of danger in it and not all can deal with the danger in social media .



Not at all. I don't have Facebook or Instagram or whatever else is out there today. I never saw the point in it and I am anti sharing my personal stuff with everyone. The people that know about me are the ones that care. i don't need social media to live.

Facebook is being used by what I see as shallow people. They want to show off amongst their friends trying to better what the other ones have. I see the point with families sharing photo's but that is about it. people spend hours on Facebook everyday and haven't  a clue what they see in it.

Steem is regarded as social media, but it is totally different. Networking and engaging with others is the only similarity.


World Population is almost more than 7.5 billion. We humans are different from each other in qualities and habit wise. It's alright men doesn't want to live alone. Just like he needs food and water to survive he needs other person to communicate and fulfill the requirement of socializing. Socializing can be done in many ways. Some people love to communicate with the people around their surroundings. This is the best way of socializing. In this way you understand the feeling of your surrounding people. On the other hand you help other and other help you. They don't want social media. Social media only fulfill your social needs. The one who is sitting beside you is more helpful than social media personality. This point of view doesn't bring these people to social media. There is no need to all people join social media. If all people will join social media we will never have strong bonding which is available now. Both communication system are good if remain in balance.


Everyone should have a SteemIt account to hold their STEEM. Come to think of it. Everyone should be using musing.io; so that they can be exposed to the pressing questions of the age.

As for social media: I think it has done more harm than good. Social media makes people value popularity over truth.