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Is users of musing increasing or decreasing?

I think it is stable, means neither increasing not decreasing. But one thing is quite certain, ever since musing has started curating again with the limited resources(with available 81K SP), the dormant people have become active again. That is what was needed and I am really happy that the curation effort by musing has helped to keep the activity up again. Regardless of whether you are getting curated or not, one beautiful thing which is happening is that we are being able to see some wonderful and thought provoking questions and good answers as well. If the steem price will rise in future we may again see influx more musers in this platform and that is all natural.

The success of a question and answer platform is not just by the number of users rather equally by good questions and valuable and relevant answers to those questions. Until now there was no such question and answer platform which was rewarding, but thanks to musing that at least we are getting something out of our effort and that is really motivating for users to keep on engaging to answer the questions.

I still believe that with this limited resources(which is 81K SP now) musing can do a lot by selectively curating good questions and answers and that is what musing is doing at the moment. But the most important thing is that it should not get stopped like what happened after 13th Jan 2019. Once it gets stopped, the users generally switch to other means and it is very difficult to get them back, so the best way out is to keep on pushing it with the available resources. I hope this time, it will continue which will help to keep the activity above average level and that will be good for the musing platform too for being recognized as a good Question and Answer platform in the long run. This effort will definitely bring good days again in future.


I think after they lost their delegation a lot of people probably took a break from the platform.  The community was pretty strong and there were a lot of people that wanted to do what they could to make it viable again.  

I think a lot of us were just waiting on the organizers to decide which direction they wanted to go.  The loss of SP was probably a huge blow and I think we all needed some time to collect our heads from that and pick a direction and plan that was going to be best for the platform.  

I fully admit that I took a step back for a short time.  I have limited time and resources available to me.  I need to make sure that the projects I am involved in have a roadmap and a future. 

I think the recent announcements on Discord have restored some faith in the vision of musing.  The fact that they are doing some curating and upvoting again probably helps to.  I think because of that we have started to see an increase in the number of users.  It will probably take some time for it to be as big as it was when the delegation was held. 

I am looking forward to the future of Musing though and I hope that the pending announcement will bring good fortune to all of us, both the users and the team at Musing!


I think they're decreasing. Majorly due to the fact that their delegation was taken away from them. But even after the delegation was taken off by steemit Inc, musing has kept up with upvoting of contents.

This has witnessed a new pattern of increased activity on the platform with new and returning users getting active. However, I feel this doesn't still make up to the number of users lost due to bear market effect and absence of initially gained delegation.


I would say it is most likely increasing again. I have managed to pull back some old users that took a break from here. I was on Musing from the beginning and it grew very quickly. 

Once it lost the delegation many users left and it showed it was all about the reward. I spent too much time on here and it had a negative effect on my Steem account as I was neglecting the people that were following me. I have sorted that out now and will only be on here for limited amounts of time in the future.

I think Musing will be a success in the future and will grow slowly now adding more users each week. Once people understand what this place is about then they will become addicted like we all did. musing isn't going to disappear and will only get bigger from now on.

Musing has a bright future and it shows it doesn't need big upvotes to attract users. I would be keen to see what the future plans are at some point as it could become a whole lot bigger than it is right now.


The best way to answer your question is to engage in some statistical analysis and little survey on Musing. Musing was actually created on the steem blockchain in the early months last year (2018) and I am happy to tell you that I was part of the early users or early adopters of Musing. During those periods, we had lots of people making use of Musing due to high upvotes they earn from asking questions and providing quality answers on the platform. It was just too competitive back then in such a way that we could have more than 5 answers on a particular question.

The trend was super developed when Steemit Inc delegate some huge amount of SP to Musing project such that everything was actually going on very smoothly which caused the number of questions asked on Musing started to increase very drastically almost everyday and the upvote was just too cool and high since we gained that delegation from steemit Inc. It was actually a very memorable experience for every musing users.

After the whole delight and cool upvotes gained from musing, a tragedy occurred which has to do with Steemit Inc withdrawing their steem power from Musing. This was a very sad moment for me and other consistent musing users. It really affected our platform such that the number of questions asked and answers provided wasn't increasing. It was just dormant. The activity of Musing seems to be very low during that time because musing never gave out any upvote to people. This has led to lots of people abandoning musing because they couldn't gain any incentive for their hardwork.

Recently, musing has started Upvoting users for their activities on the platform and I can proudly tell you that the number of users seems to be increasing gradually. The number of questions asked on Musing is now 30,000 + and still counting. This explains that we are growing in terms of users.

I will also use this opportunity to employ those who left musing back then because they weren't upvoted that musing is now Upvoting users for their activities 😊. Also, I hope we invite more steem users to Musing to be able to earn cool upvotes from Musing when they ask questions or provide quality answers to questions on the steem blockchain through the use of Musing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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Well at this point in time, I think the numbers are pretty stable or at least slightly increasing. The number of active musers took a hit when musing lost its delegation but ever since the curation team started working again the number of active musers has slowly but surely started increasing.

Of course it's nothing close to what it was when musing still had its delegation but at the very least activity and engagement on musing has started increasing again. So yes, the users in musing are increasingly, although it's only marginal but it's increasing nonetheless.

I imagine that going forward the number of musers will increase some more as musing launches its own tokens and people begin to earn some more from the platform.

I hope this helps.


The user base took a massive hit when the delegation got taken away, and also the Discord went pretty silent with developer not saying much and Musing even stopped upvoting for a while. I am sure that Musing were pretty gutted about losing the delegation and have been working hard to create a roadmap moving forward!

It seems now that things have evened out and people are starting to use Musing abit more again. I hope that those who are using Musing now are in for the long haul! I think Musing could be a bit more agressive in seeking out delegations, we can see others are doing well now including Steemhunt, Actifit and Dlike!