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What do you do when you're out of idea or topic to post on steemit?

Yeah, that's it....
You Ulog
That's the best thing you can do.
Tell us about you and your day.
Simply flaunt you.
Tell us about how you spent your day.
There is always something to say about your day.
Tell us about how you broke a leg, earned something, added so much salt to the soup and was forced to eat it that way.
There is always something to learn about or write about YOU.
And that is why ulogs is there.
Use the tag #ulog and stand a chance of being curated too.
ulog, musing, post a picture of your cat ....

i rarely run out but i try to keep to one post per day (on steemit that is), i try to reply to every comment i get that doesn't consist of "pls upvote b/c i commented" or "nice post, thx, pls upvote" and thats almost a part-time job lol, interaction is very important , probably more so than posting since you wont get much attention at the start, no matter the level or quality you provide, and that can be very de-motivating

ulog is a tag used for people who write about their day, for better or worse, i do it every few days or once a week too (not for sensitive ears, mind you when i get dark and ranting but its just how i felt in the moment, which might totally be unrelated to the now)

musing is like a gift from the gods lol, the first major dapp to hit the chain since steemit (unless you count busy but busy is just steemit in a shinier coat and you can split a vote that's worth nothing from the start)

i'm looking forward to the #steemstem UI @lemouth -sensei has told me they're working on it but that will be all STEM-related posts, probably not for everyone, and i'm looking forward to the next best thing after musing, which has yet to be born ...

or you could post nothing until you get something spinning in your head

or go to dlive or dsound or any of the dees, post memes or videos

or you could go to minds.com but they're on testnet so i doubt they'll pay out yet

or wait for ONO

don't consider it competition, consider it addition :l)))
When i was out of topic and i cannot understand what to do then i close my eyes and look at the near world in my mind what is going on and just thinking what should be done for better improvement. Then doing this after 10-15 minutes i gurantee you you will get 100% new idea what to write about any topic.

If still i am not getting any ideas to write collect books and read them as well your knowledge will be increased and you will also good answers to question and get some new topics to write
Ask questions and Come up with Great Answers on Musing.io.