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What do you think is the greatest invention of all time that doesn't use electricity?
My where do i start?

Language - to allow homo sapiens cooperate and coordinate beyond the limits of grunts and hand signals.

Culture - to allow homo sapiens to exceed the limits of the Dunbarr number (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunbar%27s_number) and coexist peacefully with each other beyond their immediate family members.

Religion - to allow homo sapiens (now Humans) to coorperate and coexist with each other over different cultures. Humans managed to band together by the hundreds of thousands and perform feats never seen in the natural realm. Religion also enabled the worst evils of mankind. impressive in nature too despite what we humans feel about it.

Money and trade - to allow humans of different religion to coexist and trade value, and create economies

Agriculture livestock - When one species controls it's source of food, what is impossible for them?

writing system - by recording things on physical objects and later readily retrieve and interpret them, we've literally outsourced memory away from our brains.

Humans' greatest achievements are often the most overlooked and least talked about. These things look rudimentary to us now, but these are the very inventions that separated us from animals.
To me books brother.. Books are the greatest invention of all time.. I don't have to write an essay on books to make you understand its usage like a seventh grader I hope.. But to tell you one thing I have found which anyone wont tell is books helped me to cope with the the most depressing phase of my life.. I have found serenity in them.. They talk with you but don't ask anything in return.. Show me anything invented till now which have this much efficiency. If you can then I will take back what I said..
Many people would think that the likes of knowledge based invention as greatest, like math, written words, print on papyrus till the dawn of modern printing press, the birth of scientific method, and global knowledge sharing

However for just invaluable basics, the fundamentals of sustainable farming, sustainable husbandry, sustainable forestry and resources acquisition and recycling and not robbing the land and sea was probably one of the greatest invention by mankind (and no I'm not talking about gmo corporation mass farming) ....this happened probably in the turn of the last ice-age when human population began their 1st global population explosion, if not for this sustainable way to scale, we would be left hungry, sick, and as a species probably died of if we just destroy all flora and fauna vegetation eventually leading to our demise.....aka like Ester Island.

Without the great invention by early society, of sustainable food, water, shelter for the masses, like the Aboriginals of Australia, and the Native Americans, we would have perish and never advance to become a great civilization as we are today

Before the invention of paper people had to rely on memory to remember everything. Of course, there was a limit to how much people could remember accurately and a high level of inaccuracy as the message gets transferred from the first person in the line to the last.

More importantly, there was a limit to how far the message to go before it disappears. Without paper, you could probably transfer your message to a few hundred people living in your village, but people outside of it, or someone living on another continent would never hear of it in their lifetime.

Paper made transmission of messages easy and fast, and the backbone of our human society was built on it. Without paper, we would never have made the progress in technology, science and knowledge acquisition as we see today.
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Definitely most useful and lifesaving is water well
I think the invention of verbal language is the greatest invention. It paved the way to transfer knowledge, communicate our thoughts and convey ideas. If it weren't for verbal language we would never have achieved all the greatness that we now brag about.

You can think all you want, formulate complex theories in your mind, imagine the unimaginable things and ponder upon the observations of the world around you but you can't achieve anything solid and practical unless you have a sophisticated way to communicate your ideas, theories and imaginations to people who can then help you build your dreams with their own skills and creativity.
The Gutenberg printing press. It helped to end the medieval Dark Age, helped to spread literacy and made the sharing of information cheaper.
The bow drill. For making fire.
Science has discovered many wonders and electricity is one of them. It is a great source of energy. We can't think our modern Life without electricity. Now a days we used television, radio, internet, fan, light for our entertainment. All this things are running throw the power of electricity.

So, I think electricity is the greatest invention of all time.
I believe the greatest invention that does not use electricity in the Car engine specifically the diesel version.

The Gasoline version uses electrical sparks, however the diesel engine combusts heat and pressure to start and run.

The diesel engine does not need volts and if volts are not required than electricity is not involved.

Diesel vehicles when introduced did not only change the place where it was introduced, but changed the transportation medium of the whole world and hence it should be considered as the greatest invention that does not use electricity.
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