How many answers on musing.io can you do per day?Also, how many hours you can you spend on musing.io per day?

I spend at least 1 hour on Musing reading and answering questions and I get to answer about 7-8 questions per day.

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I have seen many mates who publish answers many times a day.

But that's not what matters, what really matters is the quality of the answer.

I have seen that those who post many times of 10 fewer responses than the mitigate are voted. I understand that there is a group of curators and administrators who take the trouble to review each of the questions and answers.

I personally make more questions than answers, but I think my limit is 2 to 3 a day....


For now and to my own understanding and based on how long I have been on musing, I don't thing there is a limit to a number of answers you are entitled to per day as there is no limit for now but who knows whether the musing teams are going to add the features of limit in the future but as of now, there is no limit.

To me, I answer much more than I asked and I don't think I really have a specific hours I use on musing. If I am free, I answer some questions on musings and some times if I am free enough to answer a lot of question, I can answer up to 50 questions but I am also mindful that my answers are of quality ones.


That depends on the type of questions and my level of expertise on that particular question. There are days when I find 7 to 8 question which I can answer but to answer all of them properly also takes time. So with 3 to 4 hours I can answer like 7 to 8 questions properly. But there are also some days when I do not think I am of that domain to answer a questions. So it all depends upon my daily schedule of work, type of questions etc. I also do my regular job, so I can not make it full time. Whatever I do here is after completing my regular job. So I generally sit in the morning for 1 hr and in the evening for 2 hr and try to answer 5 to 7 questions on an average but this number goes below 3 or 2 sometimes when I feel that I do not have enough knowledge to respond/answer.

But some people are also making it their full time. That is good also. Getting engaged in a community and earning cryptocurrency is best idea and if they can save it for next 3 years, who knows they can make a potential which can fetch good amount of money than the regular job one does like me. So on an average I can take on 5 to 7 questions subject to the condition that I get those questions in my area of expertise.


Since my day 1 , I usually upload either 1 or 2 posts on daily basis via Busy. I just recently found out about Musing and to be honest I am super excited with this form of interaction. So, after I upload my post most of my online time is consumed here. On Musing platform. 

Not every day is the same but I would say that I spend at least a couple of hours mostly giving answers on questions I find interesting and where I might add some value. 


I spend about 1 hour max on musing per day and try to target 5 to 6 questions. However, I am not able to answer as many questions because a lot of questions have a simple answer and the topic is of no interest to me either. However, by spending more time and searching for the write questions, I may be able to answer the 5 to 6 that I want to. Adding a perspective that is missing from other answers is important. 

I could have spent more time but then I have other things to do. 


I could answer 5-8 questions per day. I spend close to 2hrs on musing .