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What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
I am going to share the most embarrassing moment in my life, with you. Nothing more embarrassing than this has happened to me. I was young when it happened. Still, I can laugh about it, but when it happened it was awful.
It was about 12 years ago when I used to go to school every day. One day I woke up early in the morning and I took my brush and then went to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth and taking my early morning shower I came back to my room. After I looked at the watch, it was 8 AM in the morning. So I began to get ready for my school. I looked at my class routine and what are the classes for that day. Then took all the books and put them on my bag. After that, I started looking for my school shirt and pant. After finding them I started to wear them. When I am just going to put my pant, at that moment my mother shouted at me for the breakfast. I was just hurried and just got stuck with my penis with my pant chain. It was a totally awkward situation for me. I was in deep pain and everything around me was like a blur. After a few minutes later I couldn't hold myself I just cried. My mother came quickly to my rooms and found me in that embarrassing situation. I was totally embarrassed and feeling shy in front of my mother. Then she told me to come down and told me closed my eyes. After that I closed my eyes she released me from that unbearable pain. This was the most embarrassing incident in my life.
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Everyone in life must have encountered some form of difficulties or embarrassment as this is one of the great virtues of human nature. We all have passed through numerous moments we don't want to remember because it creates a form of heartbreak in our lives. I will love to share the "Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life"

### How It All Began

When I was very young at a tender age of 7yrs, I developed interests for the love of cars due to the happy mood I see the driver and the passenger whenever I Sat at the balcony. I was just very curious to know how cars move after been operated by the drivers. It was sad we couldn't afford to buy a car then due to the situations of things back in those days. I felt sad whenever I saw different young kids been driven by their dad. Some of those kids even peep out of the car window just to oppress me and showoff how wealthy they were. My dad used to be a very hard working man and he is a very disciplined person who also try to make his family happy. Due to the home training I had adopted by my parents, I am alleys content with whatever I have. This has made me neglect many oppressions from the wealthy kids back then because I am always happy and gentle. This made some kids wana mingle with me due to my serendipitous nature.
One day, I was just peeping out of the window glancing at various cars passing on the road. I never knew my Dad was watching me not until he called me one day and asked "how will you feel if I start driving you to school?". I was amazed on hearing this and I hope it is gonna happen because I just have to keep hoping for the best and keeping believing. After several months, I heard him discussing about something with one of his friends and I am thinking it's gonna be something great because they both spoke about registering for driver's license and other particulars. As a kid with low sense of intellect, I was thinking it has to do with driving. I questioned myself what if he is preparing to buy a new car?. I had to ignore this mentality because I never saw any new car in the compound after several days. But guess what? I was still hoping that something great will happen.

### Something Great Happened πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
I can't really express how happy I am and how embarrassed I am at the time anytime I think about this 😁. I never knew happiness may also lead to awkward moments. Do you really wana know what made me happy? Okay,let me tell you.

I was with my mum and brother watching an interesting TV series. I heard the sound of a car which was packed in our compared very close to our entrance. I wasn't moved by such occurrence because I thought a visitor has come to greet us. I heard my dad's voice calling my name Hardaeborla!, Hardaeborla!!, Hardaeborla!!!. This made me rushed downstairs. On getting there, I saw a beautiful car parked beside him and he told me take those snacks in the car upstairs. I began to feel very curious about what the celebration was all about because I haven't experienced such a lovely moment before in my life 😁. He made the announcement formal saying "That's our new car" πŸ˜πŸ™Œ. I was very happy after hearing this!. I was really amazed and it is one of the most beautiful and moment I will never forget. I told many people about our new car and I told my friends about it 😁. My dad always drive me to school with this beautiful car and he also assisted some of my school mates trekking to school by driving them to school. After several days of celebration, enjoyment and happiness about the new car i never knew something bad could occur from my hands which led to the "most awkward moment of my life."πŸ˜‘πŸ˜¨

### The Most Embarrassing Moment I Will Never Forget πŸ˜‘
I was enjoying my Tom&Jerry movie until dad called me after parking his car downstairs. He told me to pack up the goods he bought from the market and so that mum can cook our delicious meal😁. Dad decided to take a walk down the street to meet one of his friends. Then something ran into my mind saying "Drive this car". I decided to start playing with the steering since he took the car keys along with him. I decided to start practicing all what I saw him doing with his feet and hands whenever he was driving. I started doing everything not until I noticed the car was moving backwards after stepping on the reverse. I think it reversed due to the slope of the ground. My heart was beating very fast because I couldn't stop the car as a kid. I noticed the car stopped after the the opened door was obstructed by the wall. I had to rush out of the car quickly to call adults who are good drivers because I don't want my dad to meet his car at that position. They told me they can't park it back to it's initial postponed because they they have the keys. I was feeling unsecured and scared anytime I glance at the car due to the damages that I have impacted on the beautiful car. I already knew my dad will be very angry with me and I was very restless.

After 30 mins, my dad came. On seeing his beautiful car with lots of damages made his eyes turned red and his was boiling hot 😧. I was like "I am dead". He asked the audience who did this? They pointed at me in that gathering. He had to remove his belt to discipline me, but I ran. Lols... The funniest part of it was that we started running all over the street which made me felt embarrassed as my crushes and different people were looking and laughing at us😁. That is the most awkward moment of my life. The astonishing part is that my dad had already forgotten about this and those who weren't present also forgot about it. I haven't forgotten it because it's an incident I found very awkward in my life.

### Lessons Deducted From My Experience

* **KEEP HOPING FOR THE BEST**: Always hope for the best things to happen and don't judge by the present situation at hand. Remember I wrote about how I do feel whenever I saw wealthy kids in their dad's car. I never allowed that stopped me from believing that the "best things can still happen". Never allow your current situation make you feel hopeless about success.

* **PARENTS SHOULD ALWAYS MAKE THEIR CHILDREN HAPPY**: One of the virtues of a good parent is to try and make your children happy. How can you make them happy? You make them happy by devoting part of your time for them. When you do this, they feel loved and contented with whatever you give them because they love you as you also love them. Always enable you make your children happy as this brings comfort and peace in in family.

* **CHILDREN SHOULD ALWAYS BE CAREFUL**:This is for the kids and youth to enable them stay careful when it comes to handling things. My awkward moment developed because of this great cause. I wasn't careful but reckless about things. Every youth should make sure they are very careful with things they don't know about. Don't do things you don't know about. WWE Entertainment do say don't try this at home 😁.

Thanks for reading 😁.
Well, the most embarrassing moment would be a llittle scary to some I think. it happened like this-

It was Friday, the weekend and as I was a little boy I played cricket every other weekend. So that day one of my friend came to my house to ask me if I'm going to play. I got up and got ready. As I was going to the playing field I noticed that, by mistake I came out with my PJs. They are made out of thin fabrics. So I thought should I go back or not. But the thought that they will start playing without me is what I couldn't bear. So I didn't change and decided to play with the pjs.

It was a game of Cricket. As we were playing when it was our turn to field. I decided to stand in the far corner. After only a few minutes of me standing there when the batsman took a shot and the ball was coming near me I started running towards it. Only a few steps away from the ball I slipped. As I fell my pant ripped from the middle. And I didn't wear any underpants that day( --__--). I came home dangling my shalami out all the way from the field and the whole time I was holding the bat to hide it. I never had to be this embarrassed in my whole life.
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The most embarrassing thing of my life I feel that I had a shameless blanket ready for the whole topic on it and I was completely because that topic was some time back and I was excited when I was going to take a bath about the latest processor. Because I was going to tell new things to the people but I do not know what happened that if I went to the stage then it was completely freeze means that I was coming to my mouth. He did not come out and I was speaking, I was timer completely and at that time I felt that the 11th is the second which is going to be like a 1 minute and I mean it seems very difficult. I tried to leave but the gold did not let me leave. I did not do my presentation any time, if I somehow got out of the presentation and got out of there, then I would like to feel the best because I did not have the presentation
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when it comes to embarrassing moments, there are two people who can share depending on the reactions exposed when confronted with the moment: people who are not very enthusiastic and people who will find something helpless, to the point that they are defeated by shame. There may be people who, if they experience a moment of shame, then the incident will continue to haunt their minds for a long time.One of the most classic moments of all embarrassing moments. You do not realize it before others are aware. But if other people are first aware, and he love you in public, then you browse in embarrassing moments, what else forgot to button seleting pants when out of the house.
The most embarrassing moment in my life are so many because I had so much embarrassing moment so I will tell you my moment on my life.

The first embarrassing moment of my life ,it is of when I was just a 6-7 years old at that time I always preferred to give me a light shoes so I can wear it on my foot.my father tells me it is not good for ouregs but I want that only so I tell my father and they buy that light shoes to me.

Now goes for seconf embarrassing g moment in my life is when I was studying in 4 standard at that time schools had organized a cheese,butter for having a hood yadye .

Final one is of Mihir pancholi because if someone can be helpful to everyone everyone will be help to is.

So I had a several embarrassing moment in life is to have a good amount of earning from steemit,socrum and many more
.due to our happiness videos I like to have a lunch and dinner with family and will able to earn monwy
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I can never forget the day I spoke bad English in front of my crush while in college....I asked her out to a dinner and she replied me by saying "SORRY I WILL PASS" and I replied back by saying "I MIGHT NOT KNOW WHEN YOU ARE PASSING BY",After this response ,she just said WHAT? and left me where we were talking......Later in the day I got to find out from a friend that " SORRY I WILL PASS means she is not interested in the dinner .Since then I am always embarrassed anytime I came across the lady