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What is the recipe for looking young always?
There are various strategies to look young and for that this procedure should be needed then only you will look young always.

1)Wash the face when you come home after office work.when you went to office and there then also wash the face because the dust is sitted in the face and makes our face oily.

2)Always use face wash so to keep our oil face away .we can also used soap to clean the face with water.

3)Stop eating junk or fast food because it has so much oily inside that so stopping can make you feel younger.

4)Always take proper meal and always do exercise regularly and use gym to maintain the body.

5)Always wear iron clothes so you can see a younger man .

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Ageless is indeed the dream of many people. Despite increasing age, many people don't want to see their faces look old. This makes many people want to compete to do a way to have a youthful face.

If you want to have a face that looks youthful, you can follow the way of the previous people. Like your grandparents, they even up to old age remain strong in carrying out all activities. Then you must know the tips from them.

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But there are long-lasting tips that you can get from Japanese people. They really maintain their youthful durability. If you want to know the following tips from Japanese people who are known to maintain the health of their skin.

Not only tips from Japanese people. There are also other tips to get the skin looking youthful and these methods are very easy. Even cheap, you can try it at home without having to reach the bag.

Tips for Ageless Japanese

1. Stay away from Junk Food for Youth

Secrets of Ageless by not consuming junk food

Food types of junk food are usually served instantaneously as well as the ingredients used are also using instant ingredients. This food is indeed a lot of people who like it especially in our country Indonesia. But not with Japanese people, especially women who are very away from food with this form, even though in Japan there are many food stores providing junk food. Japanese women do not prioritize that food.

As a core food they prefer food with vegetable food and raw food ingredients, so often if there are many restaurants that provide food in raw conditions such as fish consumed raw.
How to make your face look younger, follow these steps:

1. Wash your face regularly, and gently. Excess dirt and zits make the skin lose its youthful rays, especially as you get older. By keeping the skin clean, dirt or zits will not occupy fine wrinkles or wrinkles and prevent the growth of new pimples.

2. Do not wash face excessively. Washing your face regularly is important, but don't overdo it. Soap and prolonged exposure to water can erode the skin's natural oils. It also can irritate the skin so that the luster and youth are reduced.

3. Use Moisturizer every day. Apply a moisturizer that stimulates collagen production and is elastic every day. Maintaining skin hydration can help tighten it, prevent wrinkles, and make you younger.

4. Exfoliate. Dead skin and remnants of dirt can enter the pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, and make the skin lose its youthful rays. Use a soft exfoliation product to remove debris and help prevent acne.

5. Do facial muscle exercises. Stretching and training facial muscles can improve blood circulation and prevent the formation of wrinkles and wrinkles. Repetition This exercise is once or twice a day to make the skin tighter and look younger.

6. Vary your facial expressions. Every time you use facial muscles, a curvature is formed under the skin. Aging skin and losing its elasticity can no longer fill this curve thus causing wrinkles and wrinkles. Varying facial expressions can help the skin to tighten longer.

7. Choose foods that are beneficial for the skin. Several studies show that a balanced and nutritious diet can protect the skin and delay aging and loss of elasticity. Eating foods that are beneficial for facial skin such as fruits and vegetables will make skin younger.

8. Drink lots of water. Hydrated skin from both inside and outside is generally fuller and tighter. Drinking enough water or other fluids every day can help your skin stay healthy and look young.

9. Avoid or limit sun exposure. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight accelerates the natural aging process by breaking down collagen and elastin fibers that maintain skin firmness. Too often under the sun can accelerate skin aging, so avoid or limit the time you spend in the sun.

10. Stop smoking. Smoking speeds up the natural aging process just like sun exposure. Stop smoking habits to help tighten skin longer and make you stay young.
Always keep the 😁 face
In fact as the development of a more advanced technology, methods of skin care and beauty are also growing. Ranging from simple with the use of skin whitening creams and beauty, until some cutting-edge methods such as laser therapy and full-blooded face with a laser. However, all of the above methods has drawbacks of each. If you are using a type of cream or cosmetic beauty, of all the materials used does not escape from various chemicals that are not necessarily safe. And if used too often, it will probably have an impact that is bad for your skin's beauty in the future. Whereas if you use the method of laser or beauty treatment with cutting edge technology, the barriers are there might be at the cost of which is quite expensive. How will I share this time is quite simple, even you will not think that it could be as simple as that to be ageless. Materials you need are also fairly easy on the can, namely yeast tape. You simply set up 2 grains tape, then dissolve the yeast with a little water. Clean your face, then apply a mixture of water and yeast last evenly on the surface of your face as a mask. Wait a few moments to dry, then rinse with water until clean. If you routinely apply this way twice a week, then a pretty face and youthful you can have. Naturally Ageless secrets is indeed quite simple, cheap, and safe. You can also use the black SOAP swallow to get skin that always look clean and bright. Black swallow made from natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba and minya as well extract bird nest swiftlet. Compare with other beauty treatments that require cost prohibitive, or the use of dangerous chemicals in beauty products without you even realizing. Therefore, there is no harm in your trying in this way to be ageless. Hopefully these tips useful and helps your problem
To look young often, you have to eat healthy and take great care of your skin.

Cut back on or eliminate harmful habits like excessive smoking or drinking that cause premature wrinkles and fine lines.

Be happy; seek out happiness, if you must. Avoid situations or people that stress you unnecessarily as stress has been known to bring on premature aging.

Take lots of water and make regular exercising a normal part of your life.
Usually, exercise at home often targets firmness and body shape. It turns out, not only your body shape also needs to do a healthy functioning of the face so that it can look bright at any time.

You can do some simple movements at any time without spending time. Bonus, your face will look youthful.

1. Do it by lifting the cheek

This movement is believed to be able to tighten the facial muscles, especially the cheeks that begin to sag. This exercise is done by moving the muscles in the cheeks. How, press down gently on the cheek with a few fingers, then lift the muscles on the cheek at the same time. Repeat 10 times.

2. Tighten your forehead by raising eyebrows

In addition to the cheeks, the forehead also needs to look younger because this area is part of the most tangible face. To make it look tight and fresh, press down on the part of the forehead that is just above the eye, while also raising your forehead.

Repeat this step 10 times and the results will be visible in a few weeks.

3. Make the neck look young by moving the lips