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Do you trust that "men are brought into the world polygamous"?
State on the off chance that you AGREE that "men are brought into the world polygamous" or NOT, And the reason/s why.

Well I'd like to say that men aren't brought into the world to be polygamous, but biology simply says otherwise. I mean let's look at the facts, the amount of sperm in a normal healthy mans ejaculate is enough to get millions of women pregnant.

I mean men can literally continue having babies till their on their death bed, but women lose that opportunity after about 30-40 years. Men will continue to produce sperm even in their 90s and as such can go on procreating with more and more women, but after a fraction of a man's life time, a woman will no longer be able to do so.

It's a socially acceptable fact that men are polygamous, I don't agree with that, but I'm a drop in the ocean of people who do believe it and it's hard to believe that they're all wrong and I'm the only right person. It's funny how polygamy exists and is talked about alot, but rarely do you ever hear people talk about polyandry and that's because a man having multiple wives is more acceptable than a woman having multiple husbands.

Well personally I believe that men aren't born into this world polygamous, somewhere along the lines, society just made it so that polygamy amongst men became a norm, becoming polygamous in nature is a choice, it's not an inherent nature. Biology says something else though and if I'm talking based on that alone then I guess men are actually born polygamous.

I hope this helps.


I partially support your quotation. Yes I believe that there are many men who are polygamous by their nature. But there are many 'as' and 'so' in this.

As historically you can see that there is a low restriction on it that me can not be polygamous. As men are ruling the world so they made the rules as per their benefits. There can be found thousand rules in history which punish women for polygamy. But as men were the ruler so they use this oppourtunity to satisfy themselves. 

This is the history. What I am trying to say is, as our DNA evolves and came form our grand grand grand father. So there is a chance that our mind still have some of that 'thinking' and 'behaviour' in it. I think this is how the idea came that men are polygamous. 

But it should not be generalized I also believe so.

I hope it helps!!


No, because this is a simple generalisation, like the "all chatolic priests are pedophile", or "all brown mans are rapist".

Sounds good, especially you are a small-brained human, but actually a simple stupid thing, because based on a wrong thesis: every humans are same.

We know, this is not true.


Everyone is brought into this world with the capacity to have multiple sex partners. If you review different cultures of the world, some early tribes had practice willful polygamy as part of their cultural upbringing. Polygamy and monogamy are social constructs.