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What is that one silly thing you believed in your youths that makes your head spin when thinking back?
Everybody seems to have some unmindful convictions they kept down in their initial adolescence. Some even proceeded until pre-adulthood before totally wrecked by the real world. What are your recollections that you're embarrassed notwithstanding supposing about? For me, there aren't numerous such recollections. Possibly this is on the grounds that I'm so keen, or on the other hand I simply have poor memory. I review one specific occurrence of being a finished derp. I was around the age of 12 and I trusted that little individuals live within TV. At the point when defied with reality, I derided it as outlandish. Not glad for that memory.

Lmao. I had so many silly beliefs as a kid. They were honestly too many to count but I think the most silly one was that I thought people didn't breathe when they slept. As a kid, I was talking to my dad one day and I had a cold. So I was breathing through my mouth because my nostrils were blocked. Then I was complaining about it to him and he said

"It's not that big a deal, it's just snot." I couldn't believe that he couldn't see how big a deal having a blocked nose was. So I told him I just wanted to go to bed and rest. He said sleep wouldn't cure the blocked nose and I said it didn't matter because I wouldn't be breathing while I slept so it wouldn't worry me.

The look on his face was confusion at first. Then he realized that I honestly felt people didn't breathe while they slept. Now the thing with my family is that we never keep laughs to ourselves. So my dad called the entire family to hear what I had said and I was looking at these adults like they were dummies that didn't know something was so obvious. They just laughed and I laughed too and we were all laughing at each other. But right now I don't even know why I ever thought that. It's just so ridiculous


Smiles....My experience during my youth stage seems to be a very memorable one for me even though those experiences were kind of funny because I always smile and laugh alone anytime I think about it.

When I was a kid, my parents and some elderly people who were very close to me would always make me scared or frightened by making me believe in the existence of "Ojuju".

The name Ojuju is a Yoruba word used to denote a scary creature just like zombie or alien. As a kid I always feel scared and frightened. There are times my parents and some other seniors used it to threaten me just to make me obey their commands even though I was a little bit stubborn back then. My parents don't beat me since they are knew what could make me feel scared and bad without touching me 😐.

They will always tell me that "they will call Ojuju for me" anytime I did something bad. The word Ojuju has been their greatest strength or weapon used in punishing me anytime I err. They would sometimes lock me up in my room telling me they will call Ojuju for me which always makes me scared causing me to cry.

This has really affected my childhood in such a way that I am always scared of being alone most especially in dark places. It has really instilled great fear in me with low confidence and self esteem in me back then.

Now that I am now a grown adult, I have never experienced nor seen the Ojuju they told me about. I now sleep alone even in the dark without any form of fear. I sometimes laugh anytime I think about it though because childhood experiences are always the best to remember when you wana laugh.

In conclusion, be mindful of how you treat your children (kids) at their youth stage because it plays a great role on their lives when they at grown up.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.