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What do i need to eat in order to get fit?

The answer - it depends - everyones body is so different and there isnt really one 'diet' that will help people lose weight or become fit.

However, the general consensus now is that sugar is the cause of weight lose (rather than fat in the past), and so avoiding as much added sugar is going to help, as sugar is just 'empty calories'. New research suggests that fats arent as bad as they once expected (as long as they are from natural sources) - and people even report weight loss and other benefits from high fat/low carb diets suchn as ketogenic diets.

The debate about carbs seems ongoing, but to many 'starchy' carbs such as potatoes, bread and pasta seem to make people bloated, and can lead to other problems such as IBS.

The main thing to do is have a 'balanced' diet, rich in fresh vegetables, fruit and healthy sources of protein (doesnt have to be meat if you are vegetarian). A good mix of healthy fats, protein and carbs is probably best. Fats will keep you satiated and not hungry, protein will help with muscle growth, and carbs provide us with energy.

A good overall diet is the paleo diet, although it can be a bit restrictive at times I think it is a good guide as to what will keep us healthy overall

Well, that is question which will be asked a lot. Actually the formular is fairly simple. Avoid ever type of processed food and cut sugar out of your diet. Try to cook nearly everthing by yourself - cook with a lot of vegetable and eat a lot of fruits which are rich of a number of minerals and vitamins. If you want to build muscle, try to get in a lot of protein - trainers recommend 1.5 to 2 g per kg bodyweight. You could use meat, beans, soy, dairy - whichever fits to your eating habits. Try to get at least 3 litres of water in a day to maintain a healthy body. The ultimate key for a healthy body is consistency.
You should eat foods that are rich in protein,you should eat food with less fats and eat food with more energy content,you should also take good good supplements that are also full of proteins
Eat vegetables in half portion servings when breakfast. Eating carbohydrate foods in the morning will make your stomach bloated. To avoid this but the stomach is still filled, you only need to eat vegetables in half servings of dishes. Vegetables contain nutrients that can boost your immune system. In addition, vegetables are also believed to contain high fiber and low calories that will make your body more energetic. and
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