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How many books have you read so far in your lifetime and which one is your favorite?
Even in this technologically advanced world some people are highly find of reading books. Today even though many people prefer reading short articles or information from online sources, there are also people who are still fond of physical books. Are you someone who still continue to read physical books. If yes, can you provide answer for this question?

In my lifetime... ouhhh :D

Like 40 Books in total. 20 Of them the last two years ( Still catching up for one book a month)

My favorite books :

Born a Crime (Trevor Noah)

Känguru Apokryphen ( all volumes)

The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck

Becoming ( Michelle Obama )

Fun Fact : I actually never read. I only listen to audio books.


Countless. I do read a lot since childhood. 3 to 10 books a month, sometimes more, but I still have no favourite. At least no alltime favourite.


@Bala41288, I didn't read many, whichever I've read I've never read that to it's Entirety in many cases. And i don't have any particular book to say because I've didn't read any book from years but i really like the Biography aspects because from those stuff we can learn about the more practical situations and solutions. Stay blessed. 🙂