Which food do you prefer eating, cooked or non-cooked?
Today so many raw foods are gaining popularity. From the aspects of health salads and fruits attract people a lot more than cooked food. What is your preference and why would you choose that?
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I prefer both, raw and cooked.

Raw is very good because you can enjoy all the vitamins and elements fruits and vegetables have to offer.  We have a garden and grow our own fruits and vegetables. There's nothing better then to go out and pick some fruits for a snack or breakfast. Homegrown, organic fruits and vegetables are the best. I try to eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as I can, and not to destroy vitamins by cooking. Fruits and vegetable salads are excellent during the summer and not only. 

However, i prefer cooked food as well because that's how I was raised and I got used to it. Cooking vegetables doesn't mean you have to cook them till you destroy all the nutrients. If you can eat them raw, that means they don't have to be like mashed potato when cooked. 

We do a lot of canned products to have during the winter. I've been learning over the years and trying to find the best solution to preserve as much nutrients as I can. Some vegetables like  zucchini, spinach, salt, nettle are better kept frozen and some of the fruits like raspberry. 

I'm making a lot of jams, fruit jellies and compote as well, these are excellent during the winter and when it comes to baking. What you can get at the supermarket has less then 50% fruits. Mine is 100% natural and organic. This year we had the opportunity to go foraging, which is pretty new to me but it's fun. A friend of ours has a land full of plum trees. It's taken care of God only, no human care or pollution is there. It's far away from any contamination. He doesn't care about it, we do, so we gather as many plums as we can and I'm making jams. It's great as gift as well, homemade is always appreciated and not many people can afford it. 

Health is the most important thing you have and eating healthy you can stay healthy. It's better to get vitamins and nutrients from the source directly then take supplements. It's easier to go out or order something but you never know what you get. Processed food is not healthy, we all know that. It's better to make your own. 

Note: All the photographs are mine. 

I prefer both and in the breakfast I generally take raw sprouts, almonds and juice and in the mid-day meal I generally take cooked food but prefer healthy and organic food and that to home-made as far as possible.

In my opinion it is little difficult to purely rely on raw food on a daily and continuous basis. Therefore I always want to mix it a little bit, like sometimes I take raw, sometimes boiled food and sometimes delicious cooked food but all are vegetarian food and healthy food too.

Raw food lately is gaining popularity and people are restoring to it with a fashionable trend and once the trends fades away people will choose something else. Therefore I think it is better to choose the food depending upon the availability in your locality and how best you can mange it both health wise and taste wise. Some people think we should not go for taste and very few people know that even boiled food can also be made tasty and even cooked food can also be tasty as well healthy, you must know that art and should not make it fashionable trend.

Whatever be the case, health is one of the most important priority of human life now a days and keeping that in mind, natural, healthy and organic food is always preferable.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Cooked food! Its a no brainer for me. Uncooked food is a definite no! Most people would argue that all raw-food diets are the best way to be completely healthy but it also has its side effects and an upside to eating cooked food.

The body requires the food to be digestable in order for it to be readily absorbed and the nutrients spread though the body. A strict raw food diet is difficult to follow in the long run. Also there are enzymes and microorganisms within these raw foods that can only be eliminated by cooking. Persistence not to coom and continuous consumption of these raw foods can lead to illnesses.

Opponents to cooked food argue that important enzymes are lost in the cooking process which leads to harder breakdown of the food. Enzymes help in the breakdown of food for quick absorption of nutrients.

They argue that with the loss of the enzymes to the cooking of the food, the body will require more enzymes to break down the food. Scientists are yet to prove this notion. Instead it is scientifically known that enzymes help in the growth of plants and not in help humans digest them.

Cooking food makes it easier to chew and digest as chewing is the first step in the digestive process. When we chew, we break down large pieces of food into smaller ones so that the body can digest it easily. Not chewing properly leads to improper digestion and harder absorption of the nutrients and also, raw foods a considerablly without a doubt harder to chew than cooked food.

Cooking food breaks down the fibre and plant cell walls to aid in proper digestion and also changes the general aroma of foods which make them favourable to eat.

 I choose a salad for me because salad can fulfill your healthy nutrition that is most important in the balanced diet. I personaly would love to eat a lot of salad in the regular routine of life even in the morning time. The salad would be a great option for me to stay healthy.

Beside this, I prefer to eat veggies because the vegetable is all about the natural healthy nutrition that also very important in your diet. So I always prefer to eat veggie rather then non vegg. A well-balanced diet can improve your health condition. We never compromise on our health because health is wealth. So we should maintain our healthy diet.

I love to eat healthy food which is full of nutrition and protein. Sometimes I prefer to eat fruit because the fruit is also a great option to eat. Fruits are full of healthy patients and calories. First I prefer to eat the apple because Apple is one of the main fruit that you should eat daily. So I eat daily because I know If I want to stay healthy then this would be perfect in my diet. One Apple a Day, no Doctor.  

For other meat and side dishes, I choose to cook it first.

As for vegetables (whatever), I chose to eat them raw because the nutrients they contain will not disappear. This is very good for our health.