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Do you think if a couple plan for a kid, all the relationship problem between them will be sorted?
When a couple usually plans for a kid, they start to make lots of compromises and sacrifices for the sake of the kid. In our locality people usually say that if the newly married couple plan for a baby, all the problems will be sorted. Do you think that can help in sorting out fundamental relationship problems between the couple?

It is a bit complicated. There are many factors which are involved. 

If horoscope matching is involved, a lot of relationship issues might not even arise if the horoscopes are matched accordingly. 

If there is no belief in horoscopes, then there should be at least a harmony between the persons involved. 

If suppose two people marry and they start to have differences of opinion and so on, having a child might not help in solving the problems. In fact, the arguments between the parents could damage the development of the child and also mar him/her for life. 

In many divorce cases, we can see that the children end up having to choose between the father or the mother and then having to adjust with a stranger for a parent. This is extremely bad for a child whose mental and physical development will be ultimately affected. 

In India, the rate of divorce is slowly rising because the husband and wife are both not willing to adjust and cooperate. Moreover, the demands of the parents are so overwhelming that the young couple succumb to all the pressure and decide to separate. It is a sad fact. 


No, I don't think it can help sorting out any fundamental problems. 

No, I don't think it can help sorting out any fundamental problems.  nature that they could be resolved without having children too. Otherwise, the foundation of your relationship is wrong. If you need the children to sort out the problems and fix the foundation of your relationship, then the child(ren) will become the foundation of the relationship. 

And children will leave the house at one time, leaving your relationship again in a bad state, without foundation. And most probably in an even worse state.

Besides, children can feel very well if the relationship of their parents is not well founded, and will carry the burden of that.


fuck no. i'd say it'd be potentially irresponsible to expect it to, and a couple would be alot wiser to sort out the fundamental issues in THEIR relationship before complicating things with a kid to take care of.


Well I think I understand where you are coming from. Yes it will help if truly they compromise and make sacrifice. if only one party is sacrificing in a relationship it will get to a point where he or she will not be happy. Compromising in a relationship helps the couple to get along easily and happily.

I need to add that there are other important thing that still need to be considered. Trust, Understanding, respect and honesty. All these will work to help the relationship. Without all these put in place there will be no happiness even with the plan for kid.

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Well, I don't think the coming of kids can make any unresolved issues go away except the situation where by having kids is the only problem they have then such problems will automatically be settled. Having kids comes with a lot of responsibility even when you plan for them. You can't actually plan for everything. What helps couples to solve issues is simply understanding, compromise, and mutual respect.


It's not always true, sometimes planning alone doesn't guarantee anything in a relationship that a child has been involved, you still need training of the child, love is essential, then money too.

It's partially true, but not completely true