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How many languages you can understand and speak?
I have always admired people who are able to speak multiple languages. This is no wonder being an Indian because in India there are over 30 languages commonly spoken. You can easily find someone who can speak and understand more than one regional language. I can speak 4 regional languages and understand 5 regional languages. So, how many languages you can understand and speak?

Well, lets see. English, everyone speaks that.

Espanol, ese es mi primer lenguaje. (Spanish, that's my first lenguage)

Nederlands, het is het meest geproken taal hier. (Dutch, it's the most spoken lenguage here)

Francais, parce-que j'aime le langue, est n'est pas loin. (French, because I love that language, and its not far)

Those are the ones I speak well. I understand German, but don't speak it good enough. I'm learning Japanese now, and maybe later I will add German.


Really nice question. 

My mother tongue is Turkish, but speaking Turkish gives me the opportunity to understand Azerbaijani well, and other Turkic languages to several degrees, but not wholly. 

I have been learning English for a very long time; so, I can say that I am quite advanced in English. I also have my university classes in English.

I graduated from an Austrian high school, thus my German comes second after my English.

In the university, I have been learning Spanish, but I still need some time there. I can talk about everyday topics, maybe some complicated ones, and write some mails etc. but nothing much. In around 2 years I will be better, I suppose.

And I have been learning Polish for one year. It is just beginner level, though. I don't think I will get much better any time soon.

As a translator-to-be, the one thing I realized is that when you learn a language, you don't only learn the phrases and words, but the culture as well. With every language you learn, you actually open new doors. 

One of my goals in life is actually learning one language at least from each language family. 


This only shows the Indo-European language family, but I believe it is a good start for such a challenging goal. 

If anyone is interested about these language families, here is the web page where I took to image from: https://www.uottawa.ca/clmc/indo-european-family


Wow, nice question. I can understand 3 languages. Those are Bangla, English and Hindi. I can speak and understand these three languages.

I am from Bangladesh, my native language is Bangla and my mother tongue is Bengali. So, understanding this language is very easy for me. As my mother language, I can easily talk and write in this language.

English is an international language. And it is my second language. As an international language we should  learn english. English is important for better career. We can communicate with foreign country by english. To get a better sarala  job english is must. Now-a-days people want to get higher education. So, English is also important for higher study.

I can  understand Hindi language and I can also talk in hindi. This language is too easy to understand. If you are interested. In my childhood, i could not understand this language. But I had an interest in learning this language. So I used to watch the Hindi movie all the time. Since then, I slowly understand. Now I can speak this language also.

But I know Bangla and English very well. Because we use those languages in all aspects of our today's life.


WOW I am surprised by the number of languages ​​in a single country and the inhabitants capacity   to be able to save all that knowledge.

I congratulate you for being able to speak so many languages, my friend.

For now Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.

I've never been a language school, I've just had a lot of tact with people who speak these languages ​​throughout my studies in my career.

I estudied Hotel and tourism carrer, so I always had clients who spoke these kinds of languages.

For me it was practically compulsory to learn by myself, in the university and in the school these kinds of languages ​​were not very good.

Nor could I pay for a course in sother countries

So I had to learn with music, watching series in those languages, attending my clients in person and via videoconference with the basics of the language and learning to write through chat, with friends online

For this reason now every time I travel to any country in the world it is easier for me to communicate with the residents.

After this, enter courses in which these languages ​​specialize in terms of business.

Next year I plan to study  Japanese  and Mandarin in another country


Only 1 unfortunatly. I do however understand cuss words in about 5 other languages. I figure it is important to know if someone is mad at me. 


I have always wanted to learn foreign language and french language was always my wish to learn but unfortunately that never tend to happen. 

While over the past years I was able to lean few other languages apart form my native language.

As I am from Bangladesh, I can speak Bangla  as it is my native language. While then I do prefer English the most. While I can even Speak Hindi (Indian language) fluently as well.

I can understand all the three languages that I am talking about.

While I can write Bangla with full accuracy and that goes with English as well but I do not know how to write in Hindi.

So this are the languages that I am good at.


Well not that many. But I understand and speak at least 3 languages: English, Tagalog and Cebuano (Visayan Language).

I also do understand a little bit Japanese (mostly because of Anime) and a little bit French. I could even sing at least 3 french songs an a lot of Japanese songs :)


I can speak three languages which are English, Bahasa malaysia and mandarin. At the school I study, it is important to learn all these three languages as there is a cultural mix of different races, ethnicity and many more. I have tried learning more languages, well does programming count as a language. If it does, I know a bit of c plus, python and Java script.


I can not really love it, but I can say four languages ​​in a rough way and I understand that in my four languages, I myself speak Bengali and my second language is Hindi and now I am in Malaysia, I can say Malaysian language and more or less English.

But I have always tried to learn a lot of languages ​​and try to understand them. I have been in India for 5 years. For this, I could better Hindi language and now I am in Malaysia. Now the Malaysian language can be a lot better. That was my language.


I'm from China, I speak Mandarin (my mother tongue), and because we listen to a lot of Cantonese songs too so I understand it somewhat.

I speak English, mostly picked that up from my British friends back in time.

Now that I live in Belgium, ik spreek Nederlands ook, kheb hier al 6 jaar gewoont, wat les gevolgd, ook in het taal gestudeerd, dus spreek ik redenlijk goed denk ik :D

J'ai aussi appris le francais pandent un an, mais je conprends mieux que je peux parler. Car je suis tres timide :p