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How can we create a better world?
This question might look a bit generic. But some great ideas to make the world a better place is welcome. Do you think our world is already doing good or do you think we can all create a better world?

Now, at this moment of time in history, I guess the world has been better compared to a century ago. There are a lot less wars now. The battle seen on the news are those of the trade war instead. Imagine if it was twenty years ago, I think there would be an all out war.

I think here are some ways to make this world better

1. Give as much as we can

Rather than always expecting, give. Give those who are needy. If all and everyone in the world does that, more people would be lifted out of poverty. The things we don't want but are still relatively new, can be given away. Donate to charities instead of buying a very expensive luxurious something. If we think about it, if the world becomes a better place, we our selves would be living in a better world.

2. Education

Education is a game changer. If there education rate of a country increases, it increases the countries ability to earn and increase its gdp. What makes the gdp of a country, that is the people. If there aren't many innovative people, the country won't be able to move forward and would always rely on others. Without any resources, Japan and Singapore have become top notch countries in the world due to education. This is an unlimited resource.

3. Internet penentration and speed

When internet was just created, it was the beginning of decentralized information sharing and a way to increase our freedom of speech.. The introduction of the world wide wide accelerated the worlds growth exponentially. Many new industries are created. More and more young people can be rich. If what I think is gonna happen is that the education system of the world is going to go for a revamp.

When this happens, millions and trillions would have an education for free. This is one really. Important step for mankind other than going to the moon.

4. Introduction of a basic universal income for those who need it

Having a universal income would greatly benefit the world. No matter how small. If you really think of it, the digits in the bank are actually nothing but processed data that keeps our record of how much we owe and what are we worth. This is base on trust. If everyone could trust cryptos enough, which I bet will be a future trend, and everyone who are in this poor region could get a universal income, they could no longer feel worried about the next meal on the table. Maslow hierarchy of needs shows that, when a person wants to achieve and perform at his/her peak, there is a need to satisfy the basic needs first.

What I can say is that, the world is in a better shape. The future is looking great. I can't wait. Everyday when I wake up, I feel really excited of the fact that now, I am living in such a beautiful place with less wars, more wealth and etc.


By being the change we want to see in our environment.

That's culled from Mahatma Gandhi's — 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.'

I wish the world was just a small city, I could say we should all do this or do that. But since your question involves diversity of cultures, religions and philosophy of life, it's a different case scenario.

The world is a really big place, and there are several things that you can do to make it an even more incredible place to live. Due to diversity of lifestyles, what makes your neighbourhood a better place might not make mine. We need to try to make changes that will impact others positively in our environment. For example, I could simply volunteer to teach people around me basic things they don't know. That's what I'm currently doing in my neighbourhood.

Sometimes, the options could really be overwhelming, and there may be ways that you can help others that you never thought about before. If you feel all hope is lost, remember someone in Venezuela just sold his properties to put a food on the table. We all face different challenges, find solutions to the problems around. If you do this in your society, and I do likewise in mine. There'll be changes.

Originally, I intended to make a list. I realised that wouldn't help matters.


The best way to construct a superior world is to make the world you need to live in with your thoughts, activities and your way of living. Be your own good example and be your own healer in light of the fact that in all actuality you never had control of anything outside of you, however you have command over what you do now, at this moment right now. At this moment, you can discover sympathy for yourself as well as other people, seeing that you are really human and blemished. We as a whole commit errors, however we should not enable the missteps to command our lives, but rather engage us to pick another method for being in this world.


1. Reduce the population in tropical countries.

2. Encourage people with high IQ to reproduce more.

3. Encourage people with low IQ to reproduce less.

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Well. I will say the world is not doing so bad but we can still make it more better. I wouldn't want to come up with a long answer. I just want to be precise.

Yes we can all create a better world and in other to do that, we must all come together and do the right thing. What are the right things I'm talking about? Honesty, Love, care. If we are all honest, If we all love and care for ourselves, we will all work towards doing the right things for ourselves. There is no doubt that if the right thing is the order of the day, the word will be a better place.


@beautychicks cares


Practice and improve eugenics.

Increase the IQ of population.