How to remove chlorine from water?
In my locality the water provided by corporation has high quantity of chlorine in it. Can anyone please suggest any natural method to remove chlorine from water?

The easiest way is to boil the water for 15 minutes and the chlorine will evaporate. If you aren't worried about time then letting the water stand for 24 hours will make the chlorine dissipate into the environment as a gas.

A charcoal filter attached to your tap is designed to remove chlorine and is the fastest way of doing so. The only downside is they need to be replaced every 4-6 month and there i a cost to this method.

The New York water board recommends using two containers and transferring water between them 10 times to remove the chlorine. Seems like a lot of work for that though.

I would just suggest getting a filter fitted to your tap as all the others seem like loads of work and hassles.


Before we discuss the solution of chlorine, it would be very good to know first how chlorine can enter our body or skin. You need to know that the origin of chlorine is from tap water. However, chlorine may also be contained in well water, considering the content of septic tanks or other objects with high chlorine levels can seep into the ground water or in this case well water. The origin of this chlorine is quite important to know in order to increase our alertness. If you often visit tourist pool locations, then you also need to be vigilant. Because chlorine can be contained in pond water that you often use bathing with the family.

If you use it for bathing, then chlorine can easily enter the body through the skin pores. Meanwhile, if you use chlorine-containing water for cooking or other ways to consume, of course chlorine will be much easier to enter the body and directly enter the area of ​​your digestive system. However, you also need to know that this chlorine can enter your body through the air, especially for those of you who take a shower using hot steam.

How to reduce chlorine and prevent the occurrence of chlorine

With the fact that humans are very susceptible to contact with chlorine, a solution is needed to reduce chlorine levels with Nicofilter water filters. This is an effective solution for getting water in a healthier, odorless, tasteless, and certainly safer condition for the body. Meanwhile, precautionary measures also need to be taken so that you are not exposed to chlorine, including by means of

Use cold water to cook and wash

Use water as economically and optimally as possible

Drain the bath as regularly as possible

Maintain cleanliness

What are the dangers of chlorine for the body?

In several studies it was stated that chlorine has a very large effect on the growth of bladder cancer. Even other types of cancer are also affected, such as colon cancer and anal cancer. In another study it was also found that chlorine ingested by pregnant women may affect the fetus even to the birth of a defective baby with nerve disorders. Not only that, the chances of a premature baby being born are still very large.

Thus information about how to reduce chlorine levels with water filters that we can convey.


Boiling the water it removes all of it. 

Gas have hard time to dissolve in warm water, that's why, if your local water is heavily treated with chlorine, when you take a hot shower is when you can really smell it. It's in the cold water as well, it just don't get released from it too easily.

After you heat the water, chlorine cannot wait to leave.