How much time do you spend every day on Steem Blockchain?
For the past one year I have been spending lots of time every single day on Steem Blockchain. The Blockchain has been a platform that gave me lots of learning and fun. How much time do you spend on this Blockchain? Do you think it is worth spending time here?

Hello sir, if i healthy, i always spend my time to steem block chain

As you know, steem block chain is the best block chain according to me because it decentralization. The delivery of coin fast and another

Right now, so many platform that stand on steem blockchain such as :

1. Musing

2. Dtube

3. Dsound

4. Vimm

5. Esteem

6. Partiko

And so many platform that stand on steem block chain.

The first one is musing.io

I very like the platform. Because it is very benefit to me to got information,

The second is dtube

I am a gamer, i always send my best video to dtube

The third is dsound

This platform is to the musician

The fourth is vimm. This one is to stramer

The fifth esteem

The best platform social media to share your life i also as a esteem EU ID.

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Well it has been quite some time I have been in here and over all the feelings of being here on Steem Blockchain have been really amazing. While when I started there were not very much dapps but Steemit % busy.org were the main interface while as time started to pass by the improvement of dapps and new ones started to come in in here which really has been amazing.

While as for the past few months I have been giving my full time on Steem Blockchain. As the development of dapps have been going on I have split my time so that I could give time to the dapps that I like to spend my time on. 

  • Dtube
  • Musing
  • Steemmonster
  • Steemhunt
  • Dlike 

While I do spend most of my time on Dtube as watching videos and creating them is time consuming but as a matter of fact Dtube really opened a a new way to show and implement the work of myself in Steem Bliockchain. (3-4 hours everyday)

Musing this is the dapp which really made me go through many new experience and I was bale to explore many things related to Steem Blockchain. (1-2 hours approxiamtely)

Steemmonster this is the place where I usually go and kill my time and in doing so I was able to earn some of the cards by winning the games. Which really is exciting and entertaining along the way. No time schedule but half an hour or hour could be perfect. 

While Steemhunt/Dlike I do like to give my time and see what is around. I do believe in long term thinking in Steem Blockchain. So I believe in collecting SMT's and as we do not know the value of those token will be but I am collecting as much as possible for the long term vision. (Probably an hour or so but sometimes even more than that in a day)


I usually spend 4/5 hours on steem blockchain daily and it is not like that I just keep on posting and commenting, rather I do a lot of background work on daily basis on steem blockchain. Say for example, reading some of the great articles on daily basis, there are some authors who I read daily and get to know many things, it is just like someone read news paper on daily basis. I also do research on some of the particular thing which I do not understand and I do google search on that & take many references before being completely understood. I also take some time to surf great photography tag here in steemit and I love checking those awesome photography by many people.

Before musing, the spending time on steem blockchain was continuously shrinking but after having known about musing, I am really keeping it like 4/5 hours per day and that is giving me great feeling because I always loved a Q&A platform and with musing on the top of steem blockchain it is just a revival of my activeness on steem blockchain.

There are also other DApps like steemhunt I loved a lot and dtube is also perfectly fine. With steemit and so many DApps around it on the top of steem blockchain I think one can certainly find the aligned interest and engage in this platform productively. There is certainly a lot of value addition for me and lot of fun as well and at the end of the day some rewards too. So overall despite the low price and bear market of steem, its a great experience so far.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Well, it is hard to get the specific Hours. It is roughly between 3 - 5 hours now. It used to be more when more than 8 hours when the price was good and I spent a lot of time researching and writing blog posts.

Now I spent an hour or two researching 'hunt' to post on Steemhunt. Then another hour or two curating (influencing) good hunts. I also spend a couple of hours sometimes to ask and answer questions on musing (I have been trying to put in more time here ofcourse).

Time spent steem blockchain is always worth it compared to those spent on other social media especially Instagram and Facebook. Here you get to read educational stuffs, learn lot of things plus you also make something atleat for your internet payment out.

This time here is not a waste if you have some hours to spare. Apart from monetary incentives, I get to meet knowledgeable people here compare to selfie freaks, copy and paste and other irrelevant stuffs on people spend their time on on the internet.


Well, this is an interesting question. Lately, I spend about 15hrs a day on the Steem blockchain.

I have never been more active than now. This is because I see the low price of Steem as an opportunity to grow my Steem Power (SP) much quicker and it is working.

Currently, I share at least two articles to the Steem blockchain on daily basis and I use different decentralized applications (dApps) to carry out my activities on the blockchain. Let me give an insight of these dApps;

***Partiko mobile application.***

I use my Partiko mobile app to interact on the blockchain especially through comments and replies.

***Esteem mobile application***

Esteem also has a desktop app (desktop suffer) but I am only using the mobile app because my PC is bad. I used esteem to post some of my articles to the Steem blockchain and this is because esteem curators give decent upvotes on quality contents made through esteem applications.


busy.org is another dApp that I used to post some of my articles to the Steem blockchain. busy.org gives out upvotes for contents published through its dApp and this upvote is based on ones total follower M_vest, in simple terms, ones follower SP. Currently, I receive $0.141 from busy.pay, an associated account of busy.org.

So, I rotate between esteem and busy.org for most of my postings.


dpoll is a new dApp that I used to interact on the Steem blockchain. It is all about asking questions and providing possible for steemians to vote on that which suits them most. I do create polls and as well as participate in most poll question because it does not take up to 5s to do so.


To be able to ask questions and/or give answers to questions on the Steem blockchain is a great idea. By the way, I just started using musing.io this week and so far, it has been an amazing experience. I hope to increase the time that I spend here.

Thanks for the opportunity and do have a great weekend!


I spent less time on the steem blockchain because i have no enough time to spend my precious time. As I'm student so it's difficult to find some more to spending there. But I try to spend most of time at the end of weekend.

Weekend is give you some freely relaxation that you will spend time whatever you want. So I decided to spend time on Musing. It's is awesome platform.

I wish to be stay connected to this platform. I would love to spend time much as I can. I don't know about anything If they dont know how to spend time in the own way. It's all up to you how you manage your time. 


Roughly 1-2 hours daily on Steemit and some time on musing,I try to limit it, because I have other projects to focus on, most of the time my photography projects. Given the current decline in the price of steem with no bottomline in sight, I see no point personally to spend more time here. If I would only focus on Steemit and imagine that Steemit could effectively go bye-bye at some point, it would be madness not to focus on alternatives. There were to many points that brought me to that decision, as the hardfork and all the problems it caused, the fact that the photographic community is very very small here on Steemit (although great I have to say :), the recent news about Steemit regarding the layoff of 70% of staff, which makes me more than a bit sceptic about the future of the whole project.