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What is the weirdest culture that you know?
Perhaps this is the most bizarre sexual tradition in the world. Drinking semen as a sign of maturity. Strange is not it? But that is the culture of the tribe of Sambia, in the interior of Papua. Before the ritual of drinking sperm, they have to go through a very heavy stage.

First, boys aged 6-7 years, if they want to be considered adults, they have to pierce sharp wood or dried grass into their noses until they bleed. After performing rituals of blood from the nose, they celebrate with gratitude. It does not end there yet. They continue with 'bully'. They must be whipped or beaten. That said, this ritual aims to strengthen their physical and soul after marriage later.

Only then will they have to drink sperm from adat elders or other adult males (13-21 years). DRINK OTHERS SPOTMA! After that, wait until the age of 20 years to get married. In addition, after he had sex with his wife, they both had to take mud baths to remove stains from their bodies. Well, if he's been blessed with a child, sperm drinking ritual was finished. Turn him into a 'source of sperm' for his next generation. Strange, is not it?
Entry into puberty or puberty for people in almost all parts of the world is a common occurrence. At this time, children will experience physical changes, psychological, and sexual function maturation. It is commonplace and is a common phenomenon experienced by everyone. But not so with certain community groups. There are some who consider this event to be celebrated, even in a slightly unique way.

1. Metatah or dentures in Bali

Teeth or tooth decay, which in Balinese called metatah, is a ceremony performed in the land of the Gods to mark the entry of children into puberty. Tooth decay is a religious ritual, which in its tradition, the child's teeth are thought or cut. There are six upper teeth that are filed. The teeth are shaped fangs. Because, fangs symbolize the bad or black sides that exist in human beings.

Tooth deceit means minimizing the child's bondage from bad traits, at least minimizing it. The six types of teeth symbolize the ugliness of each, called Sad Ripu. Sad Ripu consists of kama or lustful nature of indriya, lobha or loba and greedy nature, krodha or cruel and angry nature, mada or the nature of drunk and madness, moha or confused and arrogant, and matsarya or jealousy and envy.

2. Bullet ant glove.

In Brazil, the ritual to mark the entry of children into puberty is marked by a pretty awful ceremony. Precisely in the interior of the Amazon, the Satere-Mawe tribe, men who enter puberty must pass through a ritual in Indonesian called bullet ants. The bullet ant is a small animal, but it can lift a load 50 times larger than its body size.

Ritual is done by putting the boy's hand into a glove that has been filled with bullet ants. The child has to endure the pain of the ants. If they can survive with the time set, then the child is considered mature.
Since the existence of human civilization, many rituals have been done. Starting from simple rituals such as worship to a terrible ritual that concerns a person's life. Some rituals have not been done, but it turns out there are weird and taboo rituals that are still done until now. Here are strange cultural rituals that still occur and exist until now.


Fire Walk Rite

Timiti is a ritual walking on fire in Hindu festivals dating from Tamil Nadu, South India. Maybe you've seen it in Indonesia, whether it's in the movie or in real because this ritual also exist in Indonesia.

This ritual is also still happening in the celebrated Nine Emperor Gods festival in Penang, Malaysia. One of the rituals of purification includes walking on fire with bare feet. They believe that fire will cleanse uncleanness and fight evil from their bodies. So walking on fire symbolizes the power of men and how strongly they desire to free themselves from evil.

Child Sacrifice Uganda

The human sacrifice ever made by the Aztecs is an act of lawlessness over humanity today. But in the early 21st century, Uganda re-emerged this by sacrificing small children. Government investigations found that this ritual was more frequent than was imagined.

This is apparently done by politicians and rich people as a belief in the practice of voodoo and traditional religions (formerly). It has become a commercial undertaking. Although many people criticize this, this ritual is still done because of the lack of official financing to oppose this. Actually child sacrifice is not a cultural ritual, it is called so as a tool for the government not to take action and defense for people who do it.

Eating the Body of the Dead, Amazon

The Yanomami tribe in the Amazon believes that eating the bodies of dead family members will provide peace in the afterlife. Sometimes they also burn the bodies and take the ashes to mix them into banana soup.

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Timiti is a ritual walking on fire in Hindu festivals dating from Tamil Nadu, South India. Maybe you've seen it in Indonesia, whether it's in the movie or in real because this ritual also exist in Indonesia.

This ritual was also carried out in the Nine Emperor Gods festival which was celebrated in Penang, Malaysia. One ritual of purification includes walking on fire with barefoot. They believe that fire will cleanse uncleanness and fight evil from their bodies. So walking on fire symbolizes the power of men and how strongly they desire to free themselves from evil.
Foot Binding

foot binding is a tradition of stopping the growth of women's legs of antiquity that occurred in China. They believe the girls who have the most petite feet are the most beautiful women. The parents began to tie the legs of their daughter since the age of 7 years. But now the Chinese government has banned this tradition.

Self mummification

Sokushinbutsu is a Buddhist monk or priest who is accused of causing death by making them mummified. The priests began eating a special diet and drinking poison for several years, then locked themselves in a closed place to death.


the weirdest culture I know is Amish.  Not because they are truly weird but that they are so much more different than the one I live.  They mean what they say and say what they mean.  They put their money where their mouth is more as a culture than almost anyone on the planet.  Their cultural trade-offs are much more different than any other culture I have seen in person.

Each region has a tradition & culture that may sound unusual & strange. The sex traditions below are ancient cultures that have long been practiced in several places in the world. Here are the weirdest & most unusual sexual traditions in the world.

1. Sambians tribes drink jizz
To be a man in the tribe primitive, boys separated from women when they 7 year old & living with men - male other for 10 years. During that time, they will shunned from all over the nature of women including they should drink semen elders who believed to maintain the growth & strength to finally back to tribes. Disgusting? That's culture tribe in Papua new Guinea this.

2. Mardudjara tribe cutter genitals
Tradition of the most important of the tribe mardudjara Aboriginal in Australia is arguably pretty awful. They do circumcision Barbarians to sex organs men in there. Where sex organs the guy truncated elongated down to the scrotum & blood that dripping to fire considered to purify. So it can change the channel urination for men.

Dance with dead bodies

If families in other parts of the world will cry and mourn the almarmum who have left it, it is inversely proportional to Madagascar in Africa. Every even 5 or 7 years, the residents there will carry out the Famadihana tradition, namely removing the corpse from the grave and then parading the body around the village while dancing and cheering. Families and all residents must rejoice in this creepy celebration, this is a form of respect and a symbol of love for the deceased.

Nations and tribes have their cultures individually but I think the weirdest I have ever seen are 2 different tribes in Nigeria.
Fulani are the craziest I think, they don't go to school they don't believe in western education all they do is rear cattle and get married at a very young age.
When ever a young lady is due for marriage probably at the age of 14 or 16 maximum all the lady admirer will have to fight to take the bride and it will be a weapon fight, some do lost their lives on the process and even the champion will be on treatment for weeks...... I see that as a big stupidity though, and that is about Fulani's.
Some part of Yoruba's In Nigeria once a woman marry them, the lady will have to sleep beside a very big python for the first night and the python will move around her body before the marriage is good to go and when ever the woman give birth she as well as the baby will also sleep beside the same python for a night and according to them if the baby is a bastard the python will sting and kill the baby.

What's the weirdest culture you know?
culture of children in or known tribe of rural children
This exciting culture
the difficulty in the era of all sophisticated like this no longer very ancient but apparently nature is still very close to them. The proof they sleep or play without any clothes like us but instead they just use the leaves,
Life like this has become a tradition from generation to generation of their own. we should be proud of them very unique and provide the motivation for me also with the existence of such mengigatkan me with antiquity.
What's the weirdest culture you know?
I do not think there is anything strange, but it is all unique, naturally in the world there are diverse cultures but it is not fitting we say it strange. Because the journey to get the culture is not easy unlike us. I am proud to live in a culturally diverse area, with its diverse culture making us continue to appreciate the culture.
Who does not know with the superpower in this Asian region, rich in culture and known for advancing in various technologies, the country is Japan Sakura country.

However, who would have thought this country also has a long sex history.

In fact, until now they still preserve the tradition. In addition to astonishing, the tradition they undertaken will certainly make our eyes widen and shook their heads.

Perhaps there is a judging of the traditions of Japanese society is very vulgar. But for the Japanese people they have been living habitually from hundreds of years ago.

Here are 5 facts about the growing sex tradition in Japan.

1. Unagi Tradition
Unagi in Indonesian means eel. Do not think if the eel will be eaten or processed into delicious food as it is featured in Japanese food.

Eels are inserted into the female sex organs to cause different sensations. The eels are allowed to move wildly, poking around the walls of the girl's vagina in Japan.

2. Kanamara Matsuri Festival
This festival is usually held every first week in April to next week in the Kawasaki region, Japan. The festival that embraces ancient Shinto belief is done by parading a giant iron penis in public.

Based on their beliefs, it is said that there was once a figure of the devil who hid in the intimate part of femininity. Two men who tried to have sex had a tragic fate with cut intimate parts. Until, the woman ordered a penis of iron to repel the evil that dwells in the Miss V.

3. Nyotaimori Tradition
Maybe this tradition is a bit strange to our ears. This tradition is unique, because it only exists in Japan. Yes, Nyotaimori tradition is to enjoy seafood in a way served on the body of a naked woman.

How to eat, not allowed to use chopsticks or other cutlery. Rather it should be eaten directly by mouth.

4. Oshouji Tradition
Oshouji is usually attached to the art of calligraphy or Japanese painting. But, who would have thought if the art of calligraphy and painting the country is also explored into sexual form. Surely no one would have expected if the Japanese people would be severe.

5. Onda Matsuri Festival
The festival has survived nearly 1,500 years in Japan. Onda Matsuri or in Indonesian is defined as Rice Field or Fertility is done with public sex rituals.

It is said that the festival is held in the Asuka region is able to provide superior offspring. Thus, Japanese citizens ganged up at each festival of sex was held. Well, here's a fact about the tradition in Japan that makes us shake my head.