Can you say I love someone if you don't like it?

I don't think so. You shouldn't be coerced into giving forced impression. If I don't love someone, there are polite ways to make it known rather than giving false reality. I wouldn't do that.

Love is a very touchy subject and the person you've told may become drawn to you because of what you said. It won't make sense then as you end up hating the fact that you said it. Also, the person could come to realize that you didn't mean what you said and hate you for it.

It's better to be honest about your feelings.


Absolutely not, in my opinion.

I cannot see how love is possible, if you do not like the person. This doesn't make any sense to me, unless the relationship is more of a forced situation. 

If it's a forced situation, and you are not protected by laws against it, my deepest sympathy goes out to you, and I hope you are able to somehow change this situation you are in. 


No.. I can't pretend that I like a thing when I don't not to talk of a human being.. Even when I try to say I love someone that I don't my whole being and countenance will show that I'm lying, lol..

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Yes, I've said before. A few times actually and this is me being honest. Some other people may not want to admit this just so they'll not be judged by others as scam or fraud, yet they've been defaulters.

Why would I tell someone I love you, even when I wouldn't like it?

For instance, If you get constantly engaged with a new friend of the opposite sex to a point, she surprisingly tells you that she loves you. Not wanting to hurt her self-esteem you may say you love her too. Not because you mean the words but because you want to create a balance in the conversation. That sucks right?

What is Love?

I don't know what love is. But I do know that love is not a feeling you feel when you feel a feeling you've never felt before. Love is one of the few most misconstrued words and concepts ever used by homosapiens.

Another reason people would say I love you to someone even when they don't like to say it is because they want to ultimately get sth from the person. It could be sex, money, favour, academic help, food, job, upvote, phone, cryptocurrency, laptop etc.

Many fall a victim to this fake love but will never agree because they want people perceive them as sanctimonious Saints yet they are fucking fake love ass lickers.

I'm not shaming people who are fake love defaulters neither do I support it. But I'm against those who shame others for saying I love you when they don't mean it, meanwhile they say or act same to exploit and used others even when they don't mean it, Just to get what they want. Fucking hypocrites!!!

I've seen girls tell guys I love you, just because they want to get money or food from them. I've seen guys profess love to ladies just because they wanna sleep with them. Nothing more.

On this steem platform, I've seen people profess strong admiration and loyalty to whales just because they want upvotes. Nothing more.

Once they whale stops giving upvotes or becomes inactive or they locate a "better" whale, they stop the love and praises.

I've seen people on this platform, especially girls profess love to whales they've never seen just because they want to get coins sent to them asides huge upvote and even other material purchased items they may request. Deep down within them they feel nothing, no genuine love, deep within them they know nothing would've attracted these men to them if not their possessions and capability to help their lives.


As much as I try to always be honest with myself and be honest with others as well, but regarding this topic I know I've faulted and I admit it. My admission is not for repetition is to make me a better person.

I do I live if I'm not being honest with myself?

If you've ever shown fake love to anyone, in whatever form, even without professing the love, is as worse as saying it. Sit your ass down, you're no better.


Thank you for reading.

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I could. But I wouldn’t like it. 😋