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If you want to be an active member of Steemit, how often do you think you should post a day?

One, and only one, unless there is a good reason to post more than one. Being consistent is the key do doing well on a platform like Steemit. Here are some reasons why you should post only 1 post a day

1. Quality - The quality of your post determines how good an author you are. If you are posting more than 4 times a day, do you think you can maintain a high quality in every posts? Anyone who visits your blog will think that you are either copying others works or not putting enough effort. 

2. Supporters - Steemit is all about supporting each other. Your followers might really like you or what you post and decide to put you on autovote through steemauto or similar service. Imagine you start posting 4 or 5 posts a day, this will quickly drain their voting power. Soon, your followers will find it harder to support you and may drop you from their autovote.

3. Bad content - There are some bots out there that detects and put users into a blacklist. One of the criteria is the number of posts a day. I have some steemians getting blacklisted by posting too much everyday.

4. Consistency - As mentioed above, consistency is key. No matter how good you are at a topic, there is no way you can churn out multiple posts everyday. For those who just started out steemit, think of what you would like to blog about. Prepare enough material for 100 posts, and post one everyday, instead of posting many a day but only last a week. This way, your consistency can last for a 100 days, and I'm sure you are on your way to a successful journey on Steemit.


Most of the successful people that I have seen on Steemit that are trying to produce a regular earnings through author rewards post once per day. That's not to say that you can't achieve the same level of success by posting less freauently with a higher level of quality but you should also consider that your rewards are tied to how many people find you first and foremost and then read your post and upvote it. The less frequent you post, the less likely you are that someone will come across your profile when considering success over a long term period. If you a taking the he slower quality over quantity stance then sure you might have a post that rockets up in upvote value but you might also find it harder over the long run to repeat that success. My advice would be to find something you can do like contests or giveaways that can help you be able to post more regularly and that attract people to your blog. Good luck!


Steemit is a platform that reward for original contents and it like a social media in which the number of post you write in a day does not determine whether you are active or not. Their lot of people who come to steemit everyday and don't post anything on their blog and that does not mean they are not active.

Been active on steemit includes posting, reading contents, commenting, checking other platform on steemit blockchain and also meeting new people. You can also be active on steemit via chatting with people on discord, telegram and even Whatsapp about matter related to steemit.