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How would you manage an adamant boss that often makes a wrong descision ?

There different ways to handle such bosses and I will give you some

1) Try to understand your boss over 100% before jumping into conclusion that he or she have made a wrong decision. Try to understand so as not to over react to what they are saying then get your own fact on the decision they have made so as to know how best to tackle such situation.

2) Don't be confrontational towards your boss, instead of been confrontational towards he or she, you can put your words in form of a polite question. As he or she is trying to explain him/her self they can realize there mistake in relation to what you have put into question.

3) know the best time to confront your boss. Difficult conversations will most likely go well when you allow your boss to choose a time when he can give you his full attention but when you spot something going wrong and it needs urgent attention please try to speak out immediately in a polite manner without making your boss look stupid.

4) In making your facts known to your boss, show respect, humility and always mind the kind of language you use when talking to your boss.

5) know when to let go. This mean you should know when to stop talking about you boss wrong judgement so as not to provoke your boss.

6) Always have a solution to your boss mistake.


there are several ways you can do to deal with an annoying boss.

1. Communication

Described by worker Handi Kurniawan, If the boss does something unpleasant, as well as at will, not wanting to understand the feelings of employees, or even being rude, communication is important. There's nothing wrong with looking for special moments and talking well when your boss is in a pretty good heart. Communicate the good, find a gap so that you can be alone. Don't immediately 'shoot' to the core of the problem, start chatting small things,

2. Selection Selection

If the boss deserves to be annoying because he is unable to make decisions that determine the company, to help superiors provide alternative choices by discussing them. Thank you for giving information to people who cannot join in the oscillation.

3. Have Leadership

As a good subordinate, in responding to an unpleasant boss in terms of their nature and character they want to have the nature of leadership in themselves. It does not mean to override the authority of the boss, but works to help him to do the work assigned to the facts.

4. Do it

The boss can be annoying because maybe his men don't understand, or vice versa. Therefore, one way to deal with it is to approach first. When lunch time for example, do not hesitate to take him to eat together or find the right time to talk outside of work. After that, just look for a gap to talk about where our mistakes are, surely the boss's heart has begun to soften.

4. Don't get hurt

If a variety of ways have been done but still failed to deal with an annoying boss, It is better to talk to the highest level of personnel or supervisor.

distinguish between complaining and talking about your boss.


Get him sacked

Take over him

Hire him to wash your car

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