Will I ever find Love ?

May b Yes, maybe not.. It all depends on you, your belief and attitude.

Whether we like it or not, a great percentage of what happens to us in life is directly proportional to what we believe and what we feed our minds with.. If you believe the evil stories that the society forces down out throats as your reality, with time your mind attracts them to you. 

So despite your bad experiences or what ever the society feeds us with about love, Keep believing and keep showing love to people, it will come to you when you least expected it..


For this question I expected will I find true love?

Yes you would find love,I believe we all have someone out their for us,just keep searching and open your eyes wide to really find what you need in him or her.


There are times I do ask myself this similar question if I will ever be able to find love after hearing different experiences from different people and some personal experiences I had encountered.

Some people may claim to love us but at the end of the day it turns out to be deception or a means of deceit just to get what they want. Once they have what they want from us, they leave us heartbroken.

The fact is that anyone who left us wasn't meant to be us because if they were meant to be with us, they would surely stay with us no matter how the situation may seem to be.

To answer your question, you will surely find love and it's definitely gonna be with the right person at the right time. Don't feel depressed and do not give up on love due to your past experiences or what you hear other people saying. There is surely someone out there who is definitely gonna be be in love with you and such person will love you for whom you are without you having any regrets. Just take your time and keep hoping for the best because you will surely find love when it's time.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I don't know.

It depends what you think love is. It can come easily if you learn how to love. Love is an art just like any other art. 


From my little experience in life, I don't think you can find love, and I mean it.

Love is never a physical element, it can not be seen, touched, or carried about.

Love is simply a FEELING of intense emotions for another.

And just like every other feeling, LOVE is Created, it is Made, it is never a commodity that can be bought or purchased, it is not too far yet not within reach.

You just have to understand yourself first, understand what you seek in a partner.

And what your partner would want from you too.

If two person can work on this three stuffs, they can both fall in love because they have fully understood each other and are willing to do that which makes the other happy and vice versa.