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How can corruption be stopped in the judiciary system of a country?

The judiciary system has been doing all she could for God knows how long, without such system who knows how the world will be now..

People will demand outrageous and ridiculous price for simple services simply because they are among the select few offering such services. Stuff like this still occur in our society but like it would be without the judiciary system.

This is to say that the system is doing the best it could but looking at our society, its is screaming "your best is not enough".

I believe teaching a new philosophy especially to the youngsters, showing them how this cancerous thing called corruption can't truncate the growth a society.

People really don't know how that small bribe and how that white lie for the small cash can create a "butterfly effect"


I don't think, you can stop Corruption, if its roots are already spread , unless the people themselves would change. Corruption is like a disease, which spreads in the entire society and not just in one system. 

Unfortunately  Judiciary usually is the system on which people have lot of faith, and expect people in that system to be honest. But if those people don't keep that faith and become dishonest and corrupt, then the entire country is in a mess. 

For example in my country India, people have lot of faith on the judiciary system , but I personally know some people in the judiciary who are corrupt. And there would be many, whom I don't know. Its all in our culture. Only in very higher courts , you may expect honesty, but you will die till you reach there :)


Corruption can be stopped in the judiciary system by not treating it with kid's gloves. When someone is found guilty of corruption and the person is made to face the punishment for such act regardless of how high or low the person is, every other person will take caution. But the more we keep letting corrupt people off the hook even in very obvious cases, the more it will keep spreading.