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If you had 1000 Steem Power to invest, where/how would you invest it?
With so many options to earn more steem lets see what the return on 1000SP per week could be. Would love to see some results from investors

If I had 1,000 Steem power, I will delegate it to @Steemchurch. Steemchurch is the first church on the blockchain founded by @Sirknight. There are viable parishes in Nigeria (@Sc-n), Ghana (@Sc-g) and Venesuela (@Sc-v). 

Source- @Steemchurch

Over the past 1 year and few weeks of existence, @Steemchurch has maximized the value of the Steem by sharing it as seeds of love to humanity. The parishes are engaged in human-minded initiatives which has brought succor to many such as:

  • Feeding of the hungry children of Venezuela by @Sc-v
  • Donation of  books to school children in Ghana by @Sc-g
  • Donation of relief materials to the destitute in Nigeria by @Sc-n
  • Donation of first aid materials to hospitals in Venezuela

@Steemchurch had also raised @farms which shares knowledge on agriculture and has raised plantation for plantain, fruits as well as poultry and fish farms which is feeding many.

@Steemchurch is a community that sacrifices much resources to feed the accounts of its members through the curation operations of  @Steemchurch and @Sniffnscurry.

Currently, @Steemchurch has 13,000+ SP and targets at 100,000 SP  in the next few weeks with the aim of empowering communities an d nations beyond the Steem blockchain.

In case you have 1,000 SP, you may consider delegating it to @Steemchurch. It will be highly appreciated.

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Since I'm an active content creator and one who tries to publish one blog post daily, I would probably invest it on a Steem Community that helps other content creators like myself, something like @silvergoldbotty and @qurator which were already proven to have helped decent content creators on Steem.

With the current price of Steem, the upvote worth return from delegating 1000SP might not be that enticing. However since both of this communities have already established theirselves in the platform and is followed by good content creators, their UA_Score is much higher compared to most accounts.

If one is also delegating to @steem-ua, being upvoted by @silvergoldbotty and @qurator and their trailers might help one get an increase upvote from @steem-ua since those two have decent UA_scores to begin with. 

Not only are you helping other content creators (by delegating some SP of yours and increasing a little the upvote value of the community bot) but you are also getting a somewhat increase upvote worth from initiatives like Steem-UA, so it's a win-win. XD

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I am actually planning to buy a total of 3,000 Steem for my family before the end of 2019:

  • 1,000 Steem Power for @chrisrice (me)

Most of the Steem Power I acquire for myself will be used to upvote fellow Steemians like @kenmelendez and @galenkp, but if @tokenbb offers the Steem community SMT's in return for delegations, I will likely delegate a lot of it to them.

One of my plans for 2019 - 2020 is to create online forums on a few domain names I own using @tokenbb, so SMT's from them would help!

  • 1,000 Steem Power for @emaferice (my wife)

Most of my wife's Steem Power will be delegated to @share2steem. 

She is already earning about 0.15 Steem everyday from @share2steem with a 300 SP delegation, and I think she will earn 0.50 everyday with a 1,000 SP delegation.

NOTE: She also earns a 0.08 upvote on all her posts from @share2steem.

  • 1,000 Steem Power for @zaclucasrice (my 18 month old son)

I mainly use my son's account to trail my upvotes using @steemvoter. Once he has 1,000 SP he should start earning Steem for it. I also delegate some of his SP to newcomers like @jakecuamag and @kaira.

Thanks for the question and I look forward to reading the answers from other people!


- Photos belong to us, but the photos of @emaferice and I are from years ago. I didn't have any recent solo photos of myself.


While 1000 Sp as of now with the current price of Steem will not give much of a return but come to think of it if used properly than there are few ways that could be used to get some returns that could make you some profit out of this 1k SP investment.

While put few users is auto vote using Steemauto and as per the rules that changed  in Hf20 vote them in 14th min (to get the max Curation reward). There comes times when the reward gets twice or even 5 times than the upvote value that you provide.

The next one is following a curation trail. Well providing the trail with access to your posting authority trail will upvote users and in return you will be upvoted on one post everyday(depends on the trail that you are following) Which comes  in quite handy by the way.

Sell your votes/delegate your Sp to bid bots and they will give a active return everyday in the form of Steem/SBD in your account. You can look our for Smartsteem/Minnowbooster.

Last but not the least delegate to Dapps and there are those who are upvoting your content in return or they are giving out SMT tokens in return which will provide value once the SMT's gets launched . 

Hope it helps !!

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Well, I have 1,000 SP and have only delegated a part of it to steem-ua and Partiko.

They give around 16c upvotes 6 days a week, only downside is you need to post. This makes 1 Steem daily for 200 SP delegation and still having 800 SP in my possession.

If you are looking for fully passive income, then you can delegate through SmartVote. For 1,000 SP you would receive 0.356 Steem daily. Only upside is returns are fully passive.

You can use this calculator to calculate your returns: https://smartvoteservices.com/calc.html

All in all, for good returns find the good dApps and delegate SP to them, it is good for you, steem ecosystem and makes sense at current Steem prices.

Let me know if you need any help!

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I would invest in upvote bots with highest ROI.

Btw, I like your Beary avatar :)


I have just entered four digits steem power.  Recently my power is 1005. I would retain this instead of investing. The reason is simple. The price of steem is the lowest. It hardly gives you any decent earning. With 1,000 Steem power you hardly get steem 0.02 $ vote which is just nothing. So, i will prefer to retain my steem power and I will try to increase my steem power and will wait for the better time to come. 

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