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What is a mise en place?

A mise en place refers to the organization of the ingredients within the kitchen, either referring to a single recipe or talking about how all the food we have in reserve should be ordered. It is possible to apply this term to kitchen utensils, always thinking about the work dynamics. It also applies to how the elements of the room in a restaurant should be arranged.

The birth of the mise en place -everything in its place- is given by the need for a practical and fast working system, in which the cooks do not waste time looking for the elements that they will use. An orderly kitchen is essential for an efficient restaurant, in addition to the advantages that it implies for a quick learning of the new incorporations of personnel.

It can be something as simple as arranging the ingredients of a well-ordered recipe in the kitchen bench, to be able to cook them as the work progresses, but also something as complicated as ordering all the foods that a five-star restaurant can use, doing it also thinking about the times and needs of each shift.

When finished cooking, each element has to return to its place, so that the next shift is the kitchen as it should be for proper operation. In the case of the room, a mise en place refers to how the tables are put, where the table linen is kept, the cutlery, the glasses ... always seeking the highest efficiency.

Today, a mise en place is essential to obtain a professional result, and its use is also recommended for all those amateur chefs who seek an almost professional result in their dishes.


The mise en place is the preparation of the kitchen in a restaurant. Preparing everything to be ready and get started when the first customers come in.


The term Mise en Place in the world of presentation is interpreted as the preparation and placement of all equipment and equipment that will be used in serving food dishes in their place, making it easier when they are used. In its implementation, it must always be ensured that the equipment and equipment to be used are in a ready-to-use state and placed so that their use can be carried out in an orderly manner as needed.

These include:

1. Replacement of equipment from fabric.

2. Cleaning of presentation equipment, for example plate master, rechaud, and others.

3. Cleaning and replenishing 'Menage' equipment, such as salt, pepper, vinegar or oil.

4. Preparation and provision of equipment to be used for serving (for example for cocktail parties)

Equipment needed in Mice en Place:

1. Lena: table cloth, napkin.

2. Plate: B & B plate, show plate, dessert plate etc.

3. Cutlery, spoon, fork, steak knife, dessert, fish knife, etc.

4. Menage: salt & pepper, sugar, mustard, sauce, chesse, oil etc.

5. Plateau for food and drink.

6. Rechauds and plate masters.

7. Ashtray (Ashtray)

8. Tissue napkins, straws, toothpick.

9. Service cloth

10. Menu (list of food and drinks)

11. Stationery and paper bills