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How can I stay fit without going to a gym?

I'm someone who really don't believe in the concept of gym. And it is also not something that can be suitable for everyone. I strongly believe that a person can really stay fit without going to a gym. At the same time I'm not going to comment saying that going to gym is wrong or it will not work. I have seen many of my friends who became obese after they stopped going to gym. I think it is a globally accepted phenomenon. People who work out everyday will obviously eat to an extent that will provide them energy to work out in the gym. When people stop going to gym and when the food intake alone happens, the body will not be able to burn all those calories by itself. Because till date it would been practiced in such a way that the calories will be burned down with exercise in the gym. But when a person stops going to gym, it will no longer be easy to burn the calories. They end up becoming obese. This is what I feel about gym. 

If you are someone who have gym as a routine in your life, you will not be having any issues in maintaining fitness. The problem occurs only when you stop going to gym. I would strongly recommend staying fit without going to gym. It is definitely possible. I would like to highlight some of the possibilities in which we can stay fit without going to gym. 

Food Restrictions

The digestion capacity and body metabolism differs from one person to another person. In order to stay fit a person should also have good restriction over food. Consuming lots of food rich in building calories without doing any proper exercise can lead to negative consequences. If the body is finding it difficult to burn down the calories, it will be deposited in the body. I'm someone with lots of food restrictions. Whenever I feel that my body weight is increasing and when I get uneasy feeling about my body, I make sure I control my eating habits. I already take only restricted food items and I don't eat frequently as well. I mostly keep my breakfast with an energy drink and heavy meals during lunch and I complete my dinner too early before 6 pm in the evening and keep my stomach empty before I go to bed. 

I personally feel that this has been a great routine for me helping me stay in good shape. I avoid eating junk food. If at all I feel like eating any junk food, I usually combine it with my meals. By doing this, I have good control over my biological system. This is something that works out for me. I'm not going to ask anyone to follow the same but I would like to insist you to find out the method that will work out for you and follow the same. I also do lots of fasting. Mostly during weekends I give only less effort to my digestive system by eating less number of times. 

Physical activities

As I mentioned earlier, I will not recommend going to gym as a good routine because personally I feel that our body gets used to gym and it will be artificially influenced by the gym. If we stop going to gym, out body will be expecting it and might show some negative consequences. That is how people become obese. I personally feel that our body should be under our control and we should not be controlled by our body. I prefer day to day physical activities instead of doing a forced physical exercise. My opinion in this is that we are not warriors so we will not need such forced physical activities. For someone like me who is working in front of a laptop for more than 15 hours a day, I personally feel that natural physical activities will be more than enough with proper food intake. Some of the natural physical activities that I would suggest for fitness would be:

  • Walking - If you are someone working in an IT job, you will not have time for any mandate physical exercise. You can either choose something like walking a decent distance every day to travel to your office. It can even be something like walking inside the office campus. Walking is one of the best exercise that a person can do. It involves all the parts of the body and regulates blood circulation to a greater extent. 
  • Yoga - To keep the body and mind intact, there are some yogasanas available that can be followed or practiced every day to start your day fresh. These Yoga practices will not only help the body stay fit but it will also help the mind release tension. 
  • Meditation - Though we are not doing any physical activity during meditation, it is also recommended because, meditation gives lots of strength and positive to the mind making it feel comfortable and strong. 
  • Simple warm up exercises - As soon as we wake up in the morning, we can go about doing some warm up exercises and stretching exercises. For doing this we will not have any necessity to go to any gym or anything. 

Good night sleep

For staying fit without going to gym, though we need proper physical activity, a good night sleep is very very important. With good night sleep, we will be able to restore body's energy completely for the next day and we will be able to stay fresh throughout the day. Some people might argue saying that they stay awake during night time and sleep during day time. I personally feel that our human body is not designed to be like that. There are so many scientific reasons that explain why day time sleep is bad for health. The physical activities that we do during the day time will induce good sleep during night. If we try to change that behaviour we will not be able to stay healthy. A good night sleep will only help in regulating the body temperature. 

I personally believe that the above three things can really help a person stay fit without having a necessity to go to a gym. For some people going to gym will cover the Physical activities part which is well and good. But even there I would suggest doing only light exercises. I will not recommend doing hard exercises unless you are going to go for a fight with someone and try to break their nose or something. Light exercises and stretching exercises will be more than enough for today's lifestyle. 

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To me it would depend on what my physical goals are and what type of exercise I want to be doing. If you are wanting to do cardio, you could walk or run outside or at a local park. Play with kids or volunteer at a local charity that needs people to help move things. Strength training can be done by moving things around at your house or outside. A friend of mine uses her couch for strength training by picking it up and down with both her arms and legs. Another friend moves her bed and dressers around to get some strength training in. 

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There are many things you can do to stay fit without going to the gym.  I am surprised she hasn't answered this question herself already, but my wife @mrsbozz works out every morning in our basement at home.  She has never stepped foot in a gym as far as I know (since high school at least) yet she kills it every day.  

If you live in a place where the weather is nice, you can go for walks/jogs/runs.  Getting outdoors and communing with nature can be very healthy for you.  I used to live in town where there were sidewalks everywhere.  I would walk to as many places as I could versus driving.  It was nice to get out and be in the neighborhood and get some fresh air and exercise.  

Eating right is also an important step to staying fit.  Some of these diets have you cutting out things that I think are necessary to keeping our body going.  Getting rid of carbs is not a great idea.  Likewise just eating protein is not a great idea either because it can be processed or have a lot of fat.

The biggest thing we should be aware of when we are eating is portion control.  Especially in the US, portions are huge and we often eat way more than we really should be eating.  

Cutting back to half of what you normally eat can make a huge difference in keeping your body in shape and healthy.  Make sure you are not eating a lot of processed foods or meats.  Keep your fat intake low unless it is the good kind of fat that comes from things like avacados and nuts.  

Yoga and pilates are also some low impact things you can do at home to keep yourself fit.  Making sure you are keeping your mind in a good place can go a long way towards helping your body get in a good place.


You can work out without going to the gym, it's just that many people are not so smart to figure this out, or it's more convenient and comfortable to go to the gym and show off. No offense. 

I've been watching The Biggest Looser, which is my favorite weight loss show, not because of the hype, or the commercial aspect of it, but because if you pay attention,  you can learn a lot.

The most common excuses you hear from people who should lose weight is that they either don't have time or money to go to the gym, or both. The trainers always show them that the gym is not everything, you can do a lot without a gym. You can lift tires, move furniture, jump off and on a bench or chair, you can push someone around in a  wheelbarrow, go up and down the stairs, lift heavy bags, you name it. 

The biggest obstacle when it comes to weight loss is not lack of money or time, it is your mindset and will. That's your biggest enemy and it's working against you! There's a saying "Where there's a will, there's a way" and it's true and there's another, saying "Who wants' results finds a way, others find excuses". First you have to train you mind, then you can train your body. 

Access to a gym won't get you results, a strong will, consistency, perseverance and hard work will no matter where you are or what you use. You can walk, run or bike  miles, never go to a gym and stay fit. 


If you want to be fit, at least do some workout even though you don't go to the gym, it would be good. At least do some house workout which is good if you do not want to get to the gym. At least a four hour week of workout is good to burn some fat at home.

When you do some home workout you can get your muscle cells increased or even maintained without muscle lost which is something that happens throughout our life. The next thing that is really important is the food that you eat. We have to make sure at least we eat healthily. Reduce all sugar intake and processed food. All processed food when we eat too much, isn't good for our body as it has been made easy for the body to take it in without any break down using enzymes.

After eating any meal, just do some walk around and don't sit down too much or else the body will not be able to properly burn down the food. The next thing is after eating a meal, it is best to have some rest before consumption of the next meal. This is really important as the body to burn down the energy before the next consumption of food. 


Sorry, I was about to answer this question very differently, cos initially I read it as, 

'Who can stay fit without going to a gym?' 

To which my response would be...well, everyone.

But, you didn't ask that question, instead you asked, 'How can I stay fit without going to a gym?' And I'm not sure how well I can answer that question, because, I don't know how often you currently go. I don't know how fit you are right now and what, if anything, you are doing for your fitness.

You see, if I was looking at myself, I know that by walking once a day, I could easily give benefit to my overall fitness level without going to a gym.  I could get a dog instead of gym membership and then I'd have an even better reason for walking at least once a day, in fact, I'd probably then need to go twice, with very long walks happening at the weekend.

I might choose to get a bicycle and take small trips around my local area and choose to leave my car at home. Now, that might give me a heartache as well as lead to my greater fitness but that's really what I mean about not knowing the best answer for you. 

There are plenty of activities that are great for overall fitness and don't require going to a gym:

- walking

- jogging

- swimming 

- yoga

- lots and lots of team sports 

- dancing

- gardening, especially landscaping

and many more. It really comes down to deciding what you want to spend your energy on and making sure you stick to it.


There are so many ways to keep our body fit and healthy without going to the gym. In fact you don't need to, a combination of balance diet and a simple exercise like running or fast walk is more than enough to achieve a healthy body.

When it comes to food, I recommend a high protein diet like lean white meat that is coupled with green leafy vegetables is highly advisable.

Now, the next thing that you need to consistently do everyday is "High Intensive exercise", which is a type of routine that will require at least 7mins of your time. Basically you need to do a simple exercise like jumping jacks, jump rope, jog in place and so on - but it has to be done in an extreme speed that you can't even normally keep up.

This won't make you super-fit and it won't even slim you down drastically but it will keep you healthy for sure😊 good luck!


 Well, the gym is not important but If you want to make a body then you can try the gym. You will definitely stay fit without a gym if you eat healthy balanced diet food. Diet plays an important role in your healthy body.

Never think you'll not stay healthy without going to the gym. Besides the gym, there are so many ways in your life like, exercise, walking, yoga, and another way that you adopt in your daily physical activities.

If you're eating healthy food on the regular routine of life then surely you'll stay healthy all the time. Diet is most important in your life, you should never compromise on your diet because if you do that then you'll not get fitness.

If you want to stay healthy then try to eat fresh fruit, salad, and veggies. Never eat most unhealthy food that is harmful to your body and the impact on your health badly. Try to stay healthy and you'll get a healthy life.  


Walking is true best option to stay fit without going to gym. Walking doesn't require any capital. It is easy and beneficial for people of all ages. It has a great health benfit. 150 minutes walking per week is best for maintaing good health.


There are a number of exercises you can do to keep fit. You can go for a daily walk in the park, and other places. You can chose to work to a short distance, instead of driving.

Cardio exercises can be done at home. These includes jumping jacks, cross jacks, swimming (if you have a swimming pool), jump ropes, Hula hooping, climbing stairs, spot jogs, jump lunges, squat jumps, mountain climbers.


there are many ways to get fitness without going to the gym.

the first to do sports. Exercise is the best fitness to get. not only the fitness you get, but your health will be maintained. and get fitness not just doing sports to the gym. but you can also do other sports such as running, gymnastics, playing soccer, and many other types of sports.

second, sleep at the right time. sleep takes about 8 hours at night. and this also produces fitness for the body. because all organs in the body can rest sufficiently.

the third, if you are Muslim, praying also gets fitness. because prayer is done with small movements. this is the same as doing sports. and prayer is done 5 times a day. this also results in fitness.

that's all that I think is getting fitness without going to the gym. hopefully it is useful for you.


Exercising is the right way to keep your body fit and healthy. However, the work that is piled up in the office or there are other reasons makes us not have time to exercise, whether in the open arena or in the fitness center or gym.

Launching the Times of India, Monday (01/26/2015), without actually exercising our bodies can stay fit and healthy provided they routinely carry out a number of simple activities. Like dinner two hours before going to bed until cooking your own lunch menu that will be eaten in the office.

Dinner two hours before going to bed will be digested very well by the body, so that less fat in the stomach and we also become lethargic. When you wake up in the morning, try to get up half or one hour faster than usual, and cook healthy food for yourself.

When arriving at the office, avoid using elevators and use stairs. If you feel the floor where you work is too high, you may use the elevator but go down five or six floors before the floor where you work.

Indeed, using stairs at first is a difficult job. When done regularly, the body will get used to that healthy activity.

Most important is to avoid being too stressful. How, listen to music, read, or do your hobbies. Don't think too much about things that make you stressed. Create a conducive environment in the office, so that you are free from stress.

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Stay away from carbs and make sure you don't spend more time sitting than walking/standing.

I understand that some people have sitting careers, or don't have time to go jogging for an hour every day.

And in such situation, when there's very little time you can utilize between good night sleep and 10 or more hours before the computer screen, you need to find alternatives to time consuming activities.

Some of you have pet dogs.

Maybe, instead of just praying the dog does it's business quickly so you're not late to work, you could actually run around the block with the little fella. 

I'm sure the dog will appreciate it, as it will be easier for the pet to defecate once they have little exercise.

Once again, control what you eat.

If you don't have time to control what you eat by cooking yourself, it is best that you at least avoid bread, noodles, pasta, and rice when you make your choice of takeaway food. 

You can enjoy deep fried vegetables as much as you would enjoy fries.

To grill a steak is as quick as to boil the water and wait for your instant noodles. 

Heck, maybe an electric grill is what your office break room needs. 

Consider substituting sugar in your coffee with some cream, coconut milk, or even cooking oil.

It will help to boost your metabolism throughout the day without craving for sugar.

And most of everything. 

Even if that's your work, try not staying stationary for extended periods of time.

Every hour or so, when you go to the bathroom, why don't you also do several squats and drink a glass of water?

You might feel like that's a silly thing to do, 

"I'm not doing squats in the office randomly throughout the day!"

Yeah, well, it's either that or going out of your way and actually do sports, hit the gym, do proper diet, and sacrificing your precious time to do all that non-sense.

At least this way, you're being paid for doing so.


Most people find going to the gym a little difficult, especially those that are time tied. Leaving some time behind to visit the gym is not palatable in some cases as most of my friends stated and besides, some always feel shy doing workout at the gym because they are not used to it. On the hand, going to the gym will no doubt help you to stay fit and healthier. There are professionals who will guide on how to exercise the body parts one after the other that all the impact will be felt instantly across all joints. Conversely, Going to the gym isn't a must if the time isn't there.

However, you can still stay fit from doing your exercise at home. Yes, you can. There are many ways in which this can be achieved. You can get a skipping rope and exercise with that at home. Apart from that, let me give you some workout I do every morning.

There is this one called DONKEY KICK. You will kneel on a mat and place your two hands on it. While your hands and knees are on the mat, you will move your knees a little bit inside and keep them close together. Start with either of the legs by raising and stretching it back up. This will go in and out while you count. This will be done with the other leg to make it balance. This exercise work on the waist.

You can also do press up, sit up, alternate kick and so on. Furthermore, jogging is also another good way of burning some calories and making one fit. You can jog within your compound without even going out. I would advise to endeavor to always count your steps whenever you are exercising your body. We have actifit, a step counter that will help to keep track of your daily activities. Its always good to keep ourselves fit. I have never visited the gym for once but I'm always doing my workout at home. Its good to visit the gym but we can still stay fit by doing the little we can in our domain.


@beautychicks cares. 


I will gave a very simple and good answer😂 Come to work on my farm😂 Defenetly you will dont need to work out but you will make some muscles and for sure every night you will sleep like a baby😂


One can actually stay fit without going to a gym by going for road walks when the person is chanced. Road walks keeps one fit and healthy.

I personally go fit road-walks on weekends, Saturday's to be precise. Anyone who hardly has time for the gym can go for road walks early in the morning or in the early evenings.

Road walks are advisable because it keeps one healthy.

Push ups at home are also advisable. Push ups are another form of staying fit and healthy.

If one has dumb-bells at home, this can help build the body too in a spectacular way.

So anyone who does not want to visit the gym can actually try out this three suggestions I have made.