Why do you use Musing.io?

Because it is a question and answering platform and I come here to learn and share my knowledge.


We all make use of Musing because of various reasons and this is best known to each individual on the platform. Some people make use of Musing because of it's reward, some use it because it's fun and different other reasons to known to everyone.

I will be sincere about the reasons I make use of Musing since it's gonna be from my opinion or perspective and I hope you will learn from it. These are the below reasons I make use of Musing.

1)MAKING IMPACT : In life, I believe money, fame or wealth is not everything but your impact on people's lives matters a lot. I see Musing as one of the best platform to impact people's lives by providing answers to their questions and helping them solve their problems. This has really helped me gain some little recognition on the platform and it has also added more to my success on Steemit. I think sometimes we just have to ignore the money and focus on making positive impact on the platform and this will make the money and other rewards to follow.

2) MONEY OR CURATION REWARDS : Ever since I have been providing quality answers to people questions and asking relevant questions, I am able to gain more rewards or money from musing. This has really helped me alot when because I sometimes don't make that amount when I make posts on a lateral ground on Steemit. Musing has helped me achieved this and it also gives me more hope that there are actually some people who value my handwork.

This has also been a great reason why most Steemians are now delving into musing because they also want to make money just by answering and asking questions. I really love musing for rewarding people worth to be rewarded after the musing curating team have gone through your posts before earning upvote from musing.

3) KNOWLEDGE AND LEARNING : I have learnt different things from different people just by asking questions I find ambiguous to my understanding. Anytime I ask questions, I am able to get answers from experts and these people make the answer more explicit to my understanding. This has added more to my knowledge and I am very happy whenever I learn new things from people.

Also, I learn from some answers provided to questions I am unable to answer and this has really added more to my knowledge and experience when it comes to learning.

4) MEETING NEW PEOPLE AND MAKING FRIENDS : One of the best ways of growing your followers is to make friends with people and this is also one of the best ways of attaining success in Steemit. The fact is ever since I have joined musing, I am able to make new friends and I was also able to learn from them when it comes to developing oneself and earning success on musing. These people have really added more value to me when we talk about providing answers or asking questions. We do learn from each other because we all win together. I am also hoping to make more new friends.

5)SELF DEVELOPMENT : Do you think I you will make trending page on musing if you don't want provide unique posts with quality content? The curators are really doing their work when it comes to scrutinizing people's posts before you can earn upvote from musing. This means you have to be different from others by developing yourself. Musing has helped me achieved self development because I always love to make it to the trending page and I can't do that if I don't have good writing research skills. I now read alot and improve my writing skills because I want to gain cool upvotes from musing and this has led me to developing myself.

In conclusion we all make use of Musing for different reasons but these are some of the few reasons I do make use of Musing.

Thanks for reading for reading and I hope this helps.


I use musing and I love musing . There are many reasons to use this. I can learn a lot from here. I can earn from here. I get more from here.

I'm discussing below why I use musing

I can learn a lot from here

There are people in many parts of the world. There are a lot of wise people . Who are asking beautiful questions and who are giving beautiful answers. We can learn a lot from that question and answer. That's why I use it

I can earn from here

From here we can easily ask questions and earn by answering. When we ask a good question or give a good answer, they give us a upvote. So easily earn through this. So I use it

Here's my English practice

All questions and answers here are to be given in English. So when I give a question or answer, I have to give it in English. So here I am going to study English

From here I can solve my problems

When I get into a problem, I ask it here and many people answer the question. Through this I can solve my problems

From here I can establish relationships with many people

There are people from many parts of the world here and I can easily have a relationship with them. There are many wise people here and I can establish relationships

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@Bidesign, I enjoy answering questions and for my efforts i am getting the rewards too, so here i am enjoying and getting rewards too. Stay blessed. 🙂


1......knowledge acquisition....

I really do want to gain alot of knowledge continuously and a platform like musing is helping me to achieve my aims...with this platform i have been able to acquire so much knowledge relating to all kinds of topics which would be useful to me now and in the future....

2....possible incentives...

I also use musing because i realized it is a dapp where i could also earn some incentives when i share my opinions on this platform,it makes this platform to become very attracive to me and i always love to visit the platform and learn new things and also share new things...

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Well, for me I love to be here on musing as there are many new questions and answers that are going in around. There are always new updates here on musing that is fun to see. Sometimes there are many peculiar questions and answers to see.

The other thing that I have to be honest about is that, it is the better place to earn some cryptos where I can earn more easily as compared to steemhunt as I tried earlier and it wasn't easy to find new gadgets. I find more success here. Although there have been instances where I have not earned from some of the questions but it is still a fun experience. Writing answers and posting question can really challenge my brain and the way I think. The main question is that, how do i write it in a way in which the readers would find it easy to understand what I write.

It has been something beneficial to me in my real life as I can explain concepts better and talk in a way which allows for the other person to understand more easily due to tons of practise here on musing. Initially, it was pretty tough as it took lots of effort for me to try to answer the various questions that are to be answered here and of course there are many situations where I have had a headache when I answer lots of questions and it feels as though my brain has burnt out. But well, hopefully musing is here to stay. It is the place I go every single day. Hopefully there would be more new features to enhance the user experiences which would be something awesome.

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because we know this platform is one of the platforms to ask each other and also respond to each other, so therefore most people like the platform like this.

I have many positive reasons why I like musing.io

because in musing.io I get a lot of knowledge and also good experiences and good to share, and here we can also ask questions about what we want as long as the questions are polite and wise.

and when you feel something wrong in your life, you can ask about what you are experiencing, they will answer as much as possible to minimize your question, or when someone asks you also have to be ready to answer other people's questions with as much as possible.

then use this platform as well as possible for you, billions of knowledge and experience that I got here.

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To earn Steem, and get some inspiration during the process


I use musing to do what I wanted to do on steemit. Share my knowledge about financial markets and help people become better investors and manage money better. I like to write about money, financial management, social constructs etc and while blogging on steemit is one option, building a real audience with a low user score is tough. i did the same on steemit, started commenting more than blogging. however musing is even better as i can find direct questions on these topics and answer them with a greater probability of receiving an upvote for my answer. so yeah, that is why i use musing. to share my knowledge, help others and make some steem as a result of that. 

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I use musing so as to learn things that I will like to be related to me from someone who has experienced something pertaining to my question or has an idea on the answer rather than use google search means to get an already prepared answer.

I also use musing so as to earn steem, being that steem is a global social media blockchain cryptocurrency that will take over the world very soon.

I have also made new friends since I started using musing so I can say it is a wonderful experience.


Aside from the reward, musing is a great platform that has taught me how to write in my own little way; before now, I use to find it tiring to type much, even when I'll have a whole lot to say, I'll just type small.

But now I have been inspired by some friends here with their long write ups, I learned to make my write ups lengthy, because when it's length, you tend to bring up more ideas that can benefit others too.

I use musing has my second library, because I read most of the answers people give to different questions; it's truly amazing. These answers are always very informative. I appreciate the musers alot

I also use musing as my learning hub; this is because, there are some questions I ask, to learn, for instance, I ask a question on the tips of how to write an acceptable business proposal, from the answers i got, It really helped me today. And I'm super grateful to this platform.

Thank you, I appreciate you all.