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Do you think people are normally inclined to centralization?

Yes I definitely feel that people are more inclined towards centralization. That is the reason why it is getting difficult for blockchain to see a rapid growth. I would say that centralization is something that people always focus towards. Even if we talk about decentralization, there will still be small entities inside a decentralized network where people will have their own centralization. More than saying that it is people's tendency, I would say that it is human nature. We will not be able to completely come out of centralization. In the recent days we have been able to see so many revolutionary changes happening everywhere but our centralization mindset is always there. 

Will blockchain eradicate centralization?

There is definitely a great possibility that blockchain can eradicate centralization. Not every blockchain can be considered as a decentralized platform. Maybe it emerges with that ideology but it becomes a case where the show cannot be continued without a particular centralized entity. The concept of decentralization is spoiled if any such thing happens. Even when people start using blockchain as an alternative to their current centralized systems, they approach even blockchain with the same centralized mindset. We can also blame lack of knowledge as one of the reason for it. Today not many of the people know about the advantages of decentralization and the options we currently have. 

People blindly go with what others do and today blockchain is just seen only as a tool to earn some extra money with crypto trading. They don't see this yet as a great technology that is capable of solving people needs and problems. Realistic use case for blockchain is still limited. The reason is because people don't know yet how they can do the exploration. Lack of knowledge and awareness among general people is another reason for it.  The eradication of centralization by blockchain technology can happen only if there are proper takers. If there are no takers we will still continue to remain the same. 

Centralization in Steem Blockchain

I would like to say that the concept of centralization is still seen in Steem Blockchain as well. Lots of people are followers are many whales. They either blindly follow them or they want to play a safe game. When ned says steemit will shut down, most of the people think that the steem blockchain will also be shut down and all our money will be gone. Many people even think that the whole steem blockchain is owned by steemit and it is governed by ned. And the good decisions and stupid decisions that ned makes can be responsible for shutting down of steem blockchain. People think that the whole blockchain itself is centralized to ned and his company. 

Here is where we can still see the centralization mentality. They lack the knowledge that steem blockchain will exist in spite of ned shutting down steemit. I personally feel that it will take few more years for this mentality to change. Some people are more adamant and that is one of the reason why people are refraining from exploring this new blockchain technology. In some of the countries as blockchain introduces decentralization concept, the government itself is afraid to introduce it to the people. Even if they introduce it to people, they feel that it should some how be regulated and controlled by the government. But if anything like that happens, the core concept of decentralization and controlling becomes a question in blockchain. We might see some interesting advancements in the future that will address all these functional and operational issues because of people's centralized mentality. 

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Centralized system is what people are used to. It may take a while before majority of people will embrace decentralized system. Besides, the centralized system seems quite secure and seems to assure its users more safety than a decentralized system.

Though I believe that with time and the appropriate regulation of a decentralized system, more people will get to embrace decentralized technology