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DO the Rich purposely keep the Poor fertile (have many children) so that they can hold on to their wealth and power over generations?
The Rich tries to keep social mobility low?

Never!! The genuinely rich cares no hoot about the poor!!

The scheme out ideas that give value to people, including the poor and execute it , innovate it continually and demand , regularly, payment for the value they have given to you and me. That all!

The Rich Drives on the highway of information to get to his destination of Providing Values to people.

The Poor on the other hand, think , most often of receiving gratification from people and Governments. They are pro consumption! Seldom think of producing values!!

They hardly invest in information or value it . Most are mind fixated on scrap culture and tradition, never creative thinkers.

Yes! the Poor tend to Procreate more because he sees children as Investment who would care for him when sterile. He is as well afraid that some could die since he knows little about medication and sundry technological feats which engenders longevity. He is often rooted in fear instead of faith, mystic instead of logic. The count goes on , but suffice to say that he dwells in negativity instead of positivity all because of ignorance as he is shut out of information.


How would they go about doing that? Wealth and total fertility rate correlate negatively on a global level but not so much within countries. Poor countries tend to be agricultural and in such societies people tend to have a lot of children simply because such countries tend not to have pension system other than one's own adult children. Secondly, in rural areas the cost of housing and feeding children relative to one's income is a lot lower than in cities.