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What is the meaning of "Reputation" on Steem? What can I used it for??

Reputation on Steemit is generally just a number. It appears on your blog next to your accounts name and it is influenced by the upvotes or downvotes you get. The more upvotes and the stronger these will be the more your reputation score will increase. If for example you are downvoted, which I hope you won't, your reputation score will decrease depending on the voting value of the curator. I say that reputation on Steemit is just a number because that's what it is in most of the case. You can either receive upvote from certain users and increase that number or you can simply buy upvotes through bid bots and have the same effect. There is though another way of keeping track of your reputation and its name is Steem-Ua which is different from the way Steemit calculates the reputation. I haven't used it yet but some seem to like it and consider it fair and "unhackable" by the use of bots. In my opinion reputation is more than just a number or a score and it doesn't need rankings. I consider reputation even on a blogging platform as well as in real life. Where it is a result of hard and honest work, common sense and willingness to help. 

That was my answer for your question. Hope you found it useful or at least interesting and wish you a great day!

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Since reputation went on sale by changing the rules from proof of brain to proof of wallet by the bid bot owners, it has to be cross checked for proof of brain, if it is to have any meaning, at all.

It still gives some idea of activity on the platform.

Some of the accounts buying reputation are good steemizens.


Reputation is a number calculated based on the upvotes and downvotes received by posts and comments posted by the account. The reputations of the upvoters and the downvoters factor in. Someone with a lower reputation that yours cannot harm your reputation but a high rep user with a lot of SP can cause your reputation suffer the fate of RMS Titanic with a few large downvotes. 

Reputation is used as a measure of trustworthiness of an account. It affects the visibility of their posts. It's up to the UIs to decide how they make use of the reputation score. Steemit.com makes the posts of negative rep holders invisible by default. 

Reputation is not very reliable in the high end as it can be bought. Votes from bid bots with a high reputation can be bought which has the effect of causing the reputations of their customers to go up. On the other hand, a single high-rep very high-SP user can nuke another account pretty much into oblivion. 

Here's a detailed explanation:



There are people saying that reputation expresses the level of prestige as well as the power over the steemit. Your high credibility represents a better level of content visibility than new ones or some lower reputable ones. But in the steemit world, you can completely change your credibility. But in my opinion, steemit depends a lot on the energy of the account. here, you have more steemit power, you are boss. This reputation does not say anything at all


It is basically a meter of how popular you are. Basically every level takes 10 times more voteint power to reach it compared to the level before. You can use it for stuff like contests like what byteball did. They gave you an amount of $$$ for what ever level rep you were at.