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What method did you use succesfully to lose weight?

Motivation to seem higher, prolong vacation, for somebody else, for Associate in Nursing forthcoming special event, and wear sure garments or size are shown to not be useful. The motivation goes away once the rationale goes away. The pounds come.

How much folks lose depends on however quickly they act and with what methodology. Too quickly and too totally different than their traditional consumption patterns usually winds up losing water and muscle mass quite fat and coming generally quite they started with before long once. Fat loss isn't quick and muscle loss that burns the foremost calories within the body 24/7 is currently less and fewer in a position. A man's naturally higher muscle mass explains why they lose additional simply. Ladies, do not bet them.

Recommended weight loss is boring to most however diet and exercise during which smaller parts of a daily, healthy diet ar consumed with additional water for excretion rather than recirculation; and increasing amounts of exercise to burn additional of the smaller variety of calories consumed.

Let exercise be your selection. Geez, there’s a bunch of how, all good. If you wish a shower once could also be best. Burning calories in exercise ends up in loss forever as perspiration and warmth instead of hold on in fat stores for later. In different words wise changes resulting in slower two pounds per week in ways in which will be maintained.

The smartest soul doctor on weight within the country says that losing weight isn't the matter, maintaining weight loss is that the downside. during this approach it's easier to keep up as a result of it's nearer to what you are doing often and may maintain. What was your New York resolution last and this year? perhaps higher to be bored then guaranteed to still another too crazy diet Jan ordinal to the Super Bowl party once crazy diets finish in America.

Research has shown “to feel higher, get and keep healthy” particularly for extended life; is that the main motivation that works once and only there ar specific measures tied to being healthier which will be compared over time like resting pulse rate, blood fats, glucose and clearance by internal secretion, weight, high pressure, and skill to exercise higher and longer measured by treadmill check. A doctor specializing in weight loss additionally referred to as Bariatrics is best. Sure, pricey however list the prices of overweight and avoirdupois. You won’t be done listing nowadays.

Last, be realistic. always remember why we’re heavier in some stubborn areas. ladies want breast and hip/ abdominal fat for birth. We’ll invariably have some permanently reason. Men aren't hunters/gathers once wild game ar less out there and store up for the quick.

Many years previous fat is darn laborious to lose, new easier. Some forces can’t be overcome. If you gained the previous couple of years or commit to lose what you gained then, you’ve got no excuses genetically and have a fighting likelihood. The longer you wait, the tougher it gets.

Be bored, be wise, create this your year. two lbs most weeks is a hundred lbs this year, rather more than most want. The slower the longer lasting. Decide what you wish most to succeed; do not trust others to mention you look higher. Trust your own counsel. however garments match and what smaller jeans size you wear ar higher than the dimensions. Regular scales don’t understand what’s smaller. perhaps it’s ankles? Scales aren't our friend


This is a tough question, because it depends on a lot of factors for a lot of different people.  Many people have different metabolism rates and may not see the same results doing the same things that another person is.

Personally, when I was really losing weight it all came down to portion control and exercising.  

It is amazing how much we actually eat at each meal.  I found that by cutting my portion sizes I was able to still be full, but not take in all of the calories that were going to cause  me to gain or maintain my weight. 

Additionally, I tried to make sure I was getting out for a nice half hour walk at least three times a week.   These were very good methods for keeping me on the track to losing weight.

It is helpful to follow the serving sizes on the meal that you make.  If you can get yourself a kitchen scale that is helpful too.  It is a great tool to make sure you are not eating too large of portions.

Please keep in mind though if you have thyroid issues or other medical problems, you may try these things and not get results you are looking for.  In that case you may need to see a doctor or a nutritionist.


There are many ways as of now, but I am going to explain what I used and successfully accomplished it.

I stick to two basic ways and followed religiously and fully committed to my schedule on daily basis.

(1) 8 Km Running in 45 mins every morning at 5AM

(2) Yoga for 25 mins 

 Running 8 Km everyday in a single go and completing it within or before 45 mins was a touch task for me initially. But I was fully committed to it and my determination to stick to the schedule was obvious.

Any habit that continues for 21 days becomes a permanent habit, so was my case as far Running 8 Km a day and to complete within 45 mins is concerned.

Of course initially it was quite a challenging task for me but later on I got accustomed to it and a stage came when i felt that without Running 8 Km my day is like an incomplete mission, such was the synergy I have had to my schedule at some stage.

It helped me a lot and I will give a weightage of 65%  to  "Running" in helping me to lose my weight.

Now coming to Yoga. Yoga is like an easy go, only you need a schedule to get accustomed to it. Make a daily routine and invest some time, early morning is really good, though not mandatory and I used to do Yoga after my Running schedule. I used to do for 20/25 mins regularly and in Yoga I usually do "kapalbhati" pranayam to loose my weight and it helped me lot to get my belly shape to a perfect shape and I am quite happy with the result. And here I must say that I want to give a weightage of 35% to Yoga in helping me to lose my weight.

After a period of 50 days I start seeing significant result and in the first 15/20 days you can feel the result, may not be that significant but you can realize.

Last but not the least, your food and diet plan also plays a vital role, so not to forget be it Running or Yoga, or any other exercise to lose weight, Proper food, which is healthy, protein rich yet low in cholesterol and fat are essential.


If you can gain weight, it takes time and dedication to lose weight. There are many reasons behind gaining weight. And you can do a lot of things to lose weight. 

To lose weight, I mainly focus on two things - exercise and eating healthy.

You have to burn the extra calories by doing exercise so that it will not store as fat. You can get up early in the morning and go out for a run, jog or walk. You can enjoy the fresh air and environment. It will refresh your body and mind.

If you are into gym, you can go to the gym and do your workout. You can do body weight training at home or anywhere you want. If you love yoga, you can go to yoga class or you can do yoga at your comfort zone.

If you like swimming, dancing or paying football, hokey, badminton or anything, just do that. It will help you to lose weight faster. You can do a lot of things. Do what you love and start from there. You can take stairs instead of elevators. You have to be active and keep your body moving.

Eating healthy is very important if you want to lose weight. What we eat, that directly affects our body. Eat vegetable and try to avoid processed foods. Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

The thing is, you have control on what you eat. To lose your weight, you have to choose food that is good for your health. We usually love food that is sweet and tasty, it feels good what you eat. But you should choose food based on its vitamins and minerals and how it affects on your body. If you can do that, you will see a change in your body.


I stopped drinking soft drinks with sugar in them as the first step. I exercise regularly and don't snack between meals.

It is all about burning more calories than you consume. Over  a short period of time your body will change and weight will never be an issue. it took me 6 months to lose 15 Kg's and I am happy and healthy now.