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Do you think another economic crisis as the one of 2008 is coming?

You can bet it is. But this one will be unlike one we've ever seen before. What was/is happening in Venezuela, Greece, Turkey, Zimbabwe with hyperinflation is just a test to how people are going to react when the real collapse of the monetary system finally happens. Imagine the USD hyperinflating out of existence in a matter of a couple of years.  That could quite possibly be what we are facing in the next 2-5 years. 

The thing is, that the way the debt based, fractional reserve, central bank backed monetary system is a scam. The biggest one in history of man kind. Forget about Ponzi and all of its variations. This is something much bigger than that. 

It doesn't work. Fractianal reserve banking is a scam that allows banks to lend out more money than they have. Just like they did with gold notes back in the day. This causes obvious problems and the system is based on debt. Based on the persumption that people will be flocking in for new loans forever. That's why they comercionalized everything and why they make us spend so much money on things we don't need to impress the people we don't care about.

The numbers add up to a pile of debt that is destened to fall down and blow every currency out of existence. Mark my words on this. All fiat currencies will in the next decade surely revert back to their true value of zero. 

Can you imagine that? 


Not financial advice but reason suggests to stack gold and crypto.  


There have not been so many signs of problems for the global economy in a long time. Analysts are sounding the alarm about junk bonds, smart money is coming out of stocks at an astonishing rate, mortgage rates are skyrocketing and Europe is already facing a total financial meltdown. Of course, the expectations of another great global economic crisis are at their lowest point among the population, but the reality is that we are closer to a new "eruption" since the last, in 2008. Since the last financial crisis, our problems of long-term debt CONTINUE GROWING, and there are already many who believe that the next crisis will be much worse than we had ten years ago ...

So, why are things so bad at this time?

To answer this, I will give 12 indicators that the next big global economic crisis could be just around the corner ...

1.- "Smart money" is coming out of stocks at a pace that we have not seen since before the 2008 Financial Crisis.

2.- Moody's is warning that a "PARTICULARLY LARGE WAVE" of undesirable Bonds is coming. And junk bonds are often an early warning indicator for a large financial crisis.

3.- According to the FDIC, a closely watched category known as "problem bank assets" was TRIPLICATED WITH CRECES during the first quarter of 2018. What that means is that some really large banks are now officially in "problematic" territory .

4.- The Treasury Bonds of the United States are having the worst start since a year ago SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

5.- Mortgage interest rates JUST REACHED A MAXIMUM OF 7 YEARS, and have been rising at the fastest rate IN ALMOST 50 YEARS. This is going to be ABSOLUTELY PARALYZING for the real estate and housing industries.

6.- Debt defaults in the retail industry reached a HISTORICAL MAXIMUM in 2018.

7.- We are ON THE WAY for the worst year in the closing of retail stores.

8.- The two largest economies in the world are about to start an INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL WAR.

9.- The ninth largest economy in the world, Italy, is in the midst of A NEW FINANCIAL CRISIS. In fact, this seems to be the worst so far, and there are fears that it may spread to other areas of the Eurozone.

10.- The Italian bank shares are collapsing.

11.- The yields of the Italian Bonds at 2 years are the highest SINCE THE CRISIS OF 2014.

12.- The German banking giant Deutsche Bank has announced that it will cut OTHER 7,000 WORKPLACES, since it "seeks to turn the page into years of losses". Actually, it is surprising that he has survived so long. If Deutsche Bank fails in 2018, it will essentially be a "Lehman Brothers moment" FOR THE WHOLE PLANET.

The dominant media in the United States almost completely ignores Europe, but what is happening there is the key at this time.

Italy is a real "puff" and the EU could not handle a total financial collapse in that country. If we remember, the EU could barely handle what happened in Greece, and the Italian economy is much bigger than the Greek one.

The "can" has been "kicked" several times in the Italian Crisis, but now we are reaching the point where we simply can not move forward.

When this is unleashed, it will not matter who is in the White House, who is in Congress or who directs the Federal Reserve.

Central Banks around the world have been able to buy some more years of time by participating in unprecedented levels of intervention, but now they are almost out of ammunition and events are starting to intensify at a terrifying rate.

We'll see if they can get another "rabbit out of the hat" in 2018, but would not count on it ...

The end is near??