What is best to use on an iphone? Steemd or Steemworld? Or is there some other tool that gives the same info?

There are several tools that you can check stats on steemit apart from steemworld and steemd, with some more specialised than others. For instance steem.makerwannabe helps you check the number of followers or unfollowers you have.

However, I think Steemworld remains the most comprehensive of all the stat sites, as it contains personalised info on the user actions and operations. It also has extra features like the ability to check mentions, who followed you and steem prices that are not readily available on steemd.

You can also look into steemnow.com and steemstats.com for general and personal statistics of varying degrees on steem.


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Well, on steemit we mostly want to see who voted us and how much worth of vote we have got and do that, in my point of of Steemworld.org is the best tool, it gives you each and every information that a user ever want to know about their steemit journey, there are other tools also, but i will recommend you steemworld.

You can also use steem.supply to see you upcoming reward and how much you have earned in the last week ( you can also see it in the steemworld.org).  Steem.supply gives you information about your top supporter or the person from whom you are getting most votes.


I use @Partiko on Android and love the UI compared to either Steemit or Busy in-browser.

Here's a link to the App on the iTunes store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/partiko/id1401033260?mt=8

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If you have been using SteemWorld on your computer then you must know the details it shows about an account ... It is same on the iPhone but with a little bit different format. Steemd is comparatively faster though on iPhone.


There are a few instruments that you can check inconspicuous components on steemit disconnected from steemworld and steemd, with some more specific than others. For example steem.makerwannabe causes you check the measure of supporters or unfollowers you have. Regardless, I think Steemworld remains the most clearing of all the detail districts, as it contains changed data on the client activities and assignments. It besides has additional highlights like the capacity to check makes reference to, who tailed you and steem costs that are not quickly accessible on steemd. You can additionally inquire about steemnow.com and steemstats.com for general and individual estimations of moving degrees on steem.