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Do you think rape in a relationship can exist?

Yes I think it can actually exist, rape is a type of sexual assault that occurs when a person is forced against their own will to have sex with someone. It doesn't matter whether or not two people are dating, as long as sex happens without the mutual consent of both parties involved then it is classified as rape.

It doesn't matter what kind of relationship exists between the two people as long as one person forces his or herself on the other against their will then it's rape. There are times when a person just won't be interested in having sex with their partner and it's times like that that self control is needed. Nobody's body is your right, even if you're married, before God and man there's no spiritual or legal ramifications for having sex with your partner but that's only if it's consensual, if not then it's the same as raping a random person on the street.

Just so you know, girls aren't always the victims in rape, all though it's what happens most, but there are situations in which the roles are sort of reversed. A couple of years ago, there was an all girl's school near my highschool. It was a boarding school and the girls there were supposedly "rough girls" as they called them.

Apparently on their inter-house sports day, the school allows different people to enter the school premises to come and watch the games and events that go on that day. A street hawker happened to get in that day so that he could sell some of his goods to the people at the inter-house sports, but he ended up getting raped by some girls in the school. The boy almost died and was literally left for dead until someone found him and rushed him to a hospital.

Alot of women get raped by their husbands, they just don't say anything because they're afraid of what people will say, I mean if you report a case to the police and tell them that you got raped, once they ask who did it and you say your husband, they'll just tell you to always say yes to your husbands request for sex so most women just end up dying in silence.

Rape is not alien to relationships, not in any way, there have been cases where girls who weren't ready to lose their virginity have been raped by their boyfriends, so to answer your question, yes rape in relationships actually exists.

I hope this helps.


I didn't until a few years ago when a friend went through this, it was a hard time for him.

He had been with his girlfriend for about 7 years but she used to hit him, and I don't mean play hitting I mean he used to turn up to work with black eyes.

I asked him a few times what had been going off and he kept saying to me that he had been play fighting with his brother and that is how the black eyes had happened.

When he tried breaking up with her she would turn crazy, lock him in his room and knock him around, he felt he was trapped and this made him so unhappy.

He never wanted sex with her and tried to pretend he was a sleep or ill but she would force it on him and make him.

It was really hard for me to hear this as we go back a good 24 years of friendship and we have been through thick and thin together.

He told me that he couldn't tell me as he was scared that she would hurt him again, He never fought back and just took the beatings and the abuse. 

I still remember the phone call I got from him while he was at work, he phoned me to ask for my help and I thought he was joking about.

Before he went to work that morning he told her that she had to be gone by the time he got in from work, he had already got his work stuff sorted and was at the door so she couldn't stop him from walking out this time.

She took it really bad and decided to phone his work up and tell them she was going to kill herself if she didn't get her own way.

Because this didn't work she then decided to sit outside his work and wait for him to finish, she was still sat out side when i turned up.

My friend was still inside his works premisses when I got there and i walked up to the lass and had a little chat with her, I was not aggressive I just told her how it was, i explained to her that it was going to stop as I was living with him now and there was nothing she could do about it.

She got upset, she decided that she would then blame me for their breakup, I then told her again, if you love someone you don't hurt them in anyway, not physically or mentally.

She then said to me "If he doesn't love me then why does he have sex with me?" I then explained that he didn't want to and that she had forced him. she then said I was calling her a rapist, I put it blunt at the time and said you can call it that but you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

She asked what I meant by this and I explained that if she kept up with the problems she was cursing for him that I would be the one who phones the police and explains the situation including the forced sex.

Both me and my friend have not heard or seen her in many years, it was the best thing to happen to him and now he has an amazing wife and two really lovely children.


Yes it is. For me, the definition of "rape" is when you are against the feeling of the intercourse. If you do not like it and he keeps forcing you to do it, then that alone defines the definition of what rape is.

As long as the person is against it and that he keeps forcing you that he'll do it we can clearly define that it is a rape even though you are in a relationship. The feeling should be mutual and relationship is not an entitlement to do those things whenever you want. It should have a clear consent to your partner and that she agrees into doing it. The worst part will be if you use your force to do it. You may be using physical or other things that is defined as "force".

With those statements I mentioned above, I believe "rape" in a relationship exists. As long as it is against the will and that you are "forced" then it is a rape even if you look on different angles.


Technically it cannot, given the basis of the definition. 

Some people do desire to act this role out however, which is a "rape fantasy". It's important to discern the difference. 

Sex in any capacity must be consensual or it is rape. It is as simple as that.


Wow, this is a very technical question.

Firstly what is rape?

Rape has to do with a situation where by someone is being forced to have sexual intercourse without the persons consent or against the person's consent.

Rape victims is not only streamline to only female even though it's more rampant with them,male can also be a victim of rape.

Well in respect to rape existing in a relationship,yes I think rape can happen in the confinement of a relationship.

For sexual intercourse to take place there must be an agreement between both persons,so if one of the person involved in the relationship says no and the other forcefully go ahead to have sex with that person that is called rape because it's against the persons wish.

In a relationship there must be understanding and mutual respect between both persons.


Rape is sexual intercourse with mutual consent, whether you're in a relationship or already in a marriage with someone, this fact that a relationship tie or a marriage tie is involved it doesn't change the fact that sex without mutual consent isn't rape. And of course rape in relationships exist, I've seen situations where a person is too afraid to leave let go of a toxic relationship because she was afraid that the man in particular Is becoming violent, keeping late nights and incessantly demanding for too much sex.

The lady in particular doesn't want to have sex so often but the man she's in a relationship with wants sex everyday and this became an issue, mind you this was just a dating relationships and nothing legal like marriage yet however the lady couldn't come in consensus with the man and as a result of this the men started having forceful sex with her and injuring her in the intercourse process and she's too scared to speak out.

If the law should take it's cause the man will be charged on account of countless rape violence and man handling, which alone can attract a three years you jail term sentence in court. So yes it's possible for rape to exist in a relationship