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What is the one thing you absolutely want to take a picture of?

I have always been interested in the stars and space.  In another life I probably would have been an astronomer.  A couple of years ago I started to get really interested in the Northern Lights.  

I started tracking them and I joined some groups on the Internet that try to capture them and analyze data to see when and where they might be visible.  There are some great groups out there and it is really interesting. 

There have been a couple of late nights that I got my wife up to go for a drive and try to see if we could "capture" them.  I haven't been able to yet though.  

That is the one thing I absolutely want to take a picture of though.  I want to get a picture of the aurora.

Some of the pictures that people post on the one forum I joined are amazing.  It is just fantastic the colors that a camera can capture that the naked eye doesn't see.

I think I am going to have to take a trip to Canada or Iceland to really get a chance to see them.


I love photographing nature a lot. i keep taking pictures of flowers, mountains, streams and rivers and flowers and what not. 

The one thing I absolutely would want to take a picture of would be ' a lightening bolt' 

I know it is quite dangerous and the lightening and thunder we have over at our place is quite frightening too. Yet, I would love to see how a picture comes out. 

I must google to see if anyone has done this before and if it is safe. 

Thanks for the interesting question. 

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Squirrels! I'm a huge fan of these little cuties and can hardly see them in the city. 

A couple of days ago I got lucky and was able to catch one on camera, even though the photos are not of the best quality. They are so fascinating, I could watch them all day, every day. 

It's admirable how fast they can jump from one tree to another, and how cute they are.