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Do you consider yourself a dreamer?

A dreamer is someone that has a future ambition that he/she is working towards achieving. Anyone that has such future ambition that he/she is pursuing can be regarded as a dreamer. So yes, I am a dreamer because I have a lot of future ambitions that I'm working towards achieving.


I am a dreamer because every morning I wake up hoping that each day will be better than the day before. 

I am a dreamer because I believe that children and young people are the future of the world, because we have to bet on their education. 

I am a dreamer because when I fell, I got up and continued fighting for my dreams, because even though they told me that they were impossible, I continued walking towards them.

 I am a dreamer because I still believe in the people, in the words of the people, in their sincere embraces. 

I am a dreamer because the day I should have eaten and saw that others had no food, I shared it with them.

 I am a dreamer because when I saw myself without a penny in my pockets, I didn't start crying, but I looked for a way to write what was happening to me in steem and Musing.io. and give value to my feelings.

I am a dreamer because when I see the glass half empty, I go and fill it myself.

I am a dreamer because I believe the world is going to change, that there will be less poverty, less ignorance and more employment. That governments will make hospitals, that there will be no borders between countries and that there will no longer be wars. 

I am a dreamer even if I pass for fool and people say to me: wake up, they are only dreams.



I have goals and aspirations that are considered far fetched by society.

Like becoming a rock star while I give my guitar orgasms on stage.

Likely the mindset of a dreamer..


Yes I am and I am mostly a daydreamer. I like to imagine and pursue all sort of scenarios some pleasant some not. I am this ways ever since childhood. I always had a lot of imagination and I always made use of it. I realize that it's not a good habit because it takes me away from reality but I am working on it.